Monday, May 25, 2015

[SAN MATEO] Facebook and Food Trucks

Once again, Day Two was reserved for even more shopping. The venue this time was called Great Mall, which is a mall alright but still mostly catering to outlet shop worshippers. I don’t have anything against shopping, but when it comes to clothes I usually struggle to find something that actually fits me. I was quite surprised to find size 26 shorts at American Eagle yesterday. That streak of luck did not continue here, unfortunately. Why the heck do I have to be so emaciated? Oh well, that’s just the story of my life.

We were able to find stores featuring other products aside from clothes. I was finally able to buy a US version of Monopoly, which they also sell back in Manila malls, but feature the UK version. Sorry, I really need to land on either Park Place or Boardwalk to fuel my childhood nostalgia. The boys got their fair share of video game shopping. We left the girls at around half past five because it seemed they were planning to spend the whole day shopping, and us boys just didn’t have the stamina to match theirs.

Because we still had some time to kill and the sun didn’t really want to retire until around 7 PM or so, our cousin decided to take us to San Mateo to check out some food trucks. Did I mention that the Facebook HQ was on the way? Back to food trucks, they really stole the spotlight in our pre-departure group chat on Facebook. It appears to be some sort of new craze on this side of the States. Fill in the blanks: “But then again, because I am a very, very, very huge fan of food, _____________________!”

Nah, the food was okay. I think what makes those food trucks popular is the variety of choices available for every palate. If you want Thai, they have Thai. If you want Mexican, they have Mexican. They don’t seem to be at one place all the time, though. I mean, that’s why they are food trucks, right? They go from place to place! So I guess for most locals, it just becomes a weekly family bonding thing when Mom can get a break from playing Iron Chef and just grab a bite while enjoying the afternoon sun.

The area where we went to is called Palo Alto. Or was it Menlo Park? Whatever, Zuckerberg is said to inhabit one of the houses in the area. And there are a lot of inspirational startup stories related to this particular county, with this or that famous guy inventing this or that famous app in his garage before he became a zillionaire. ‘MERICA! Yaya and Mark were childhood friends so she phoned him to come join us camwhoring in front of the giant Facebook like sign. But he said he’s had enough of that. Killjoy.

I don’t know if it’s possible to have a tour of the Facebook office itself. What I do know is that it’s common to jostle with eager tourists wanting their own piece of the giant like. Because you will get many Facebook likes if you post a selfie in front of the giant like! I know that sounds utterly retarded, but it’s true. Mine got 43 likes! OMFG! Can’t breathe! Such excitement! So get ready for some serious hair pulling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the side. You need that selfie. You really, really need that selfie.

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