Sunday, May 17, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 6

5.6 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken
Arya finally sees what is hidden behind the door. Tyrion tells Ser Jorah how his father died at the Wall, something he had no idea about. They are then captured by pirates. Petyr negotiates a plan with Cersei, in which he ends up Warden of the North. She is skeptic, but is left without a choice. In Dorne, Prince Trystane (Toby Sebastian) proves to be a good man to his wife-to-be Myrcella, and intends to marry her soon. Jaime and Bron reach them in time, but are ambushed by the Sand Snakes. A battle ensues and they all end up captured by the royal guards. Olenna Tyrell squares off with Cersei, but they both end up in a stalemate. Loras’ holy inquest begins and he denies all charges against him, but Olyvar’s unexpected testimony does not only get him incarcerated, but Margaery as well, as a helpless Tommen watches on. Myranda preps Sansa about the torture she will endure when she marries Ramsay. She marries him anyway. He rapes her on their wedding night, and orders Theon to watch.

Err, is it wrong to ship Trystella? Not only do they look good together, they also seem to be into each other. For real. That is a rarity in Westeros. They should make babies. Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Little Dove asserts her position as First Lady of Winterfell, and bitches on Michael Bolton’s bastard’s whore. BITCH FIGHT! At least she is trying to play the game now. But damn it, rape? Really? There is no justification for that, but lest we forget, this is Game of Thrones. Not Nickelodeon. Heads are chopped off all the time. People are burned alive. It wasn’t really a question whether someone relevant was going to get raped, but rather a question of when. In fairness to the director, I like the way he presented the scene, not by directly showing us the pain of the victim, but rather by directing it through the eyes of someone close to her helplessly witnessing everything. We might all agree that Lily Allen’s Brother is a jerk, especially to women, but at that moment he was Little Dove’s proxy big bro. I do hope you get your revenge in time, you two.

“We both have fantasies, Brother Lancel. Mine just happens to be entertaining.” –Petyr Baelish

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