Sunday, May 24, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 7

5.7 The Gift
Maester Aemon dies of old age. Jon Snow travels with Tormund to gather the Wildlings north of the wall. Sam breaks his vows sleeping with Gilly. Sansa begs Theon for help, but he ends up betraying her. Stannis’ army suffers the wrath of northern winter, but he ignores Ser Davos’ advice against advancing to Winterfell. Myrcella defends Dorne and Trystane as her homeland and her husband, respectively. She refuses to leave. Bron almost dies from the late effects of one of the Sand Snakes’ poisoned dagger, but is given the antidote after flirting with her. Daario Naharis asks Daenerys to marry him, but she refuses. She reluctantly goes to the fighting pits later on, and finds Tyrion and Ser Jorah there. Olenna bargains with the High Sparrow, but he proves hard to convince. Tommen starves himself and bemoans his helplessness, but is once again manipulated by his mother’s emotional rhetoric. She pays her daughter-in-law a visit and taunts her, before getting the surprise of her life when the faith militants arrest her too.

Aww damn, ain’t karma a real bitch? It comes around really fast too! Queen B just got a taste of her own medicine, and it couldn’t come at a more opportune time, right after she mocks Queen Wannabe herself. Two queens in a dungeon, interesting. This High Sparrow religious fanatic jerk is annoying AF. Or maybe I’m just a big Grandma Tyrell fanboy. Can someone please push him out the window? Effing holier than thou hypocrite. I don’t hate Jonathan Pryce, though. He was awesome as the Engineer in Miss Saigon despite the character being vile. I guess this just proves how good an actor he really is. Anyway, did Jean Grey just suggest doing something really bad to Stanny B’s daughter? He refuses alright, but if he succumbs to this idiocy, I guess that takes away the only redeeming factor he ever has. I don’t think I’d care, though. I simply have no sympathy for the guy. Ser Jorah, Dragon Mama already TRO’d your ass and I don’t think Tyrion can do anything about it. Besides, she’s already screwing someone else. Move on, dude?

“You are the only person in Meereen who is not free.” –Daario Naharis

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