Sunday, May 10, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 5

5.5 Kill the Boy
Missandei laments the sorry state Grey Worm is in, while Daenerys mourns Ser Barristan’s death. She turns to her chained dragons to instill fear and weed out the traitors from the innocent. Jon Snow convinces Tormund to unite the remaining Wildlings north of the wall to fight on their side, but the rest of the Night’s Watch are not ready to make peace with the free folk. Brienne and Podrick keep their proximity to Sansa, hoping to rescue her. Her presence in Winterfell causes friction between Ramsay and Myranda (Charlotte Hope), who leads her to find Theon at the kennels. Roose’s wife is pregnant and Ramsay feels threatened. Stannis’ army marches away from Castle Black to take Winterfell, but not before he lends his ships to Jon Snow. Ser Jorah and Tyrion enter Old Valyria and see Drogon flying high above, which amazes the imp. They are ambushed by Stone Men, but manage to flee to a nearby island. Ser Jorah claims to have escaped unscathed, but has apparently been afflicted with greyscale.

Little Dove, my dear, let me salute your stamina and mental resolve. I always make fun of you, but the psychological torture you have endured in the last five seasons is pure wow. It’s a real show of character that you haven’t gone bonkers until now, now that you are surrounded by the very people responsible for the demise of half your family. As far as she’s concerned, Lily Allen’s Brother murdered her two younger bros, and Michael Bolton is responsible for Lady Stark and Robb’s deaths. And of course, she had to endure Joffrey Bieber who had her daddy’s head cut off for four seasons. Baby Girl Stark surely has a stronger character, but at least she has been spared from all the mental torture by being whisked away from danger most of the time. Little Dove had to sit and watch all the time, with a forced smile on her face. That’s cruel. And in other news, Dragon Mama’s BFF and the Unsullied Commander just took over the PDA front from Jon Snow and the late Wildling Ygritte. Hooray, them?

“Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy.” –Maester Aemon

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