Friday, August 9, 2013

외대: 외대로가는길 II

기차가 있을때 갈수없어요. 그럼, 잠깐만요. 여기가 외대에가는길. 그럼, 가게가 많아요. 넓은 빌딩이 외대에요. 그럼, 필요하는것을 여기에서 살수있어요. 그럼, 식당도 편의점도 여러가지가게가 있는데, 그럼 정말 편해요. 저기가외대예요. 근데 이제 수업이 끝났는데 그럼 먹을게.

You can’t pass when there is a train (Unless you are suicidal). So, wait a moment. This is the way to HUFS. So, there are more stores. That tall building is HUFS. Well, you can buy many things that you need here. So, there are restaurants, convenience stores, various shops, so it is very convenient. That is HUFS. But now classes are done so I am going to eat.

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