Monday, August 5, 2013

외대: 원룸텔

안녕하세요! 나는 알프레드이라고하는데 서울에한국말을외대에서배우러왔어요. 그래서 지금클린원룸텔에서살고있는데마카오에서만난친구가나한테그원룸텔를찾아줬어요. 그럼, 지명씨, 정말고마워요. 원룸텔이신이문역까지너무가까워요. 그리고 외대앞역까지 걸어서 10분만 걸려요. 원룸텔은별로비싸지않은데내방은1달에 350,000원만이에요. 그럼이따가내방을봅시다!

Hello! They call me Alfred and I have come to Seoul to learn Korean at HUFS. So I am now living at Clean One Room Tel, a friend I met in Macau found this One Room Tel for me. So, Ji-Myeong, thank you very much. The One Room Tel is very near Sinimun station. To add, it only takes 10 minutes to HUFS station on foot. One Room Tels are not that expensive, my room for a month is just 350,000 won. So, let’s see my room later!

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