Thursday, August 8, 2013

외대: 외대로가는길 I

안녕하세요! 오늘은나하고외대에같이가자! 조심해. 주거지역이에요. 그래서집이많아요. 그럼, 매일 이쪽으로 외대에 가요. 걸어서 10 15 걸려요. 그럼, 여기가 가게들은 많아요. 예를 들면 편의점, 은행... 약국... 저기가 외대앞역이에요.

Hello! Today let’s go to HUFS together! Careful. It is a residential area, so there are many houses (Hooray me for stating the obvious). So, every day I go this way en route to HUFS (I know I said Korea, pretend you didn’t hear that). It takes 10/15 minutes on foot. Well, here there are many stores. For example, convenience stores, banks (Fine, fine, a bank is not a store...)... Pharmacy... That is HUFS station.

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