Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 2/Episode 5

2.5 The Ghost of Harrenhal
Catelyn and Brienne watch helplessly in terror as the Shadow Monster kills Renly Baratheon. Brienne is blamed for the murder, and Catelyn convinces her to flee for her life. In return, she swears fealty to Catelyn Stark. Renly’s men flock to Stannis, while the Tyrells heed Petyr’s advice and retreat. Tyrion finds out that Joffrey intends to use fire against Stannis’ army, a move which Bronn thinks would do more harm than good. Theon gets ready to command his ship but not one of his crewmen obeys his orders. Jon Snows gets the opportunity to be a ranger for a day, tasked to approach and eliminate a wildling outpost beyond the wall. Daenerys explores Qarth and teaches her dragons to breathe fire on command. Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the member of the Thirteen who let them in, proposes marriage and promises to install her on the Iron Throne. At Harrenhal, Tywin manages to make Arya admit that she is from the North, but still has no idea that she is a Stark. She encounters one of the three men she helped back at the caravan, who promises to repay her his debt by offering her three lives. She begins with the interrogator who almost killed Gendry. He is later found dead.

Okay, with Renly gone that means one less claimant to the throne. The way he died, though, is just so Deus Ex Machina. Could Stannis not have killed him himself? Well, of course not, because he is greatly outnumbered. Hopefully, though, they would not use Jean Grey’s magic each time they have to dismiss a major character. It just seems too easy that it feels tantamount to cheating. There are plenty of Qarth scenes in this episode and the place is just lovely, even the costumes are quite attention-grabbing. But perhaps there is nothing more intriguing than the warlock who could replicate himself. Computer virus much?! It’s nice to see Dragon Mama bond with one of her triplets, but her impatience is rather evident here, though. Perhaps she got too excited to sit on the Iron Throne? Lest we forget, she is still young and a bit naive. Surely, she would find the right way. Besides, it would be more dramatic if she announces her arrival at King’s Landing with her triplets, preferably all grown-up by then, in tow.

“You have a gentle heart. You would not only be respected and feared, you will be loved.” –Jorah Mormont

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