Sunday, May 6, 2012

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 2/Episode 6

2.6 The Old Gods and the New
Theon captures Winterfell. He tells Bran to surrender and ask his people to obey him if they don’t want to get hurt. He executes one of the lords to earn legitimacy. Osha seduces him with the intention of getting Bran and Rickon out of the castle. Robb finds out about it and almost goes back north, but is advised to continue their winning war against the Lannisters. Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) offers to have his bastard son retake Winterfell instead. The Night’s Watch are attacked by Wildlings, one of whom, Ygritte (Rose Leslie), survives. Jon Snow is tasked to behead her, but he just could not do it. Petyr visits Tywin in Harrenhal and almost discovers Arya’s true identity. Arya steals a letter containing Lannister battle strategy and gets caught by one of the guards. She gives her assassin her second of three names just in time before he could tell Tywin about her mistake. Myrcella is shipped to Dorne for marriage. As the Lannisters go back after seeing her off, they are attacked by an angry mob and Sansa is almost killed. In Qarth, Daenerys continues to find someone who would lend her ships, but to no avail. She comes back to find her guest house ransacked, her Dothraki horde killed, and her dragons gone.

Bullseye! Someone hit Joffrey Bieber right at the face and our little diva throws a tantrum. Dude, if not for the Hound, you’d be dead by now. This episode is actually a diva-off between Joffrey Bieber and Lily Allen’s Brother, two good-for-nothing spoiled brats who think chopping people’s heads off solves everything. It appears as though the two of them have read too much Alice in Wonderland, and made the Queen of Hearts as some sort of an idol they aspire to be when they grow up. On the other side of world, Dragon Mama also throws a tantrum, complete with the obligatory “I-am-a-Targaryen-hooray!” laden monologue which is getting tiring by now. The difference, perhaps, is that Emilia Clarke is really cute when throwing a tantrum, which kinda makes you want to ask for more. And NOOOOOO, I think the weirdo bulimic warlock kidnapped the Triplets! If only Conan the Barbarian lived to see Qarth. Where is Ser Jorah when you need him anyway? Missing in action much!

“I’m no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.” –Daenerys Targaryen

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