Saturday, April 21, 2012

日本語 - Week 21 (Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1)

The book I am using is Contemporary Japanese Vol. 1 by Eriko Sato from the Tuttle Language Library. Volume 1 of the book has 61 lessons. Target end date is May 26, 2012.

MONDAY: Lesson Fifty One 私のたんじょうびは12月24日です
There are many ways to ask when depending on how specific you would like to be but if you want the general question word then it’s いつ. Again, this is the most general interrogative word for asking when. If you want to be specific, use and then add the time expression of choice.

TUESDAY: Lesson Fifty One 私のたんじょうびは12月24日です
The particle ~ does not only serve as an indicator of an indirect object, it also is attached as a suffix to most expressions of time to mean during/at. If you say I am going on Monday, then you add this suffix after Monday: 日曜日にいきます.

WEDNESDAY: Lesson Fifty Two –あのレストランはどうですか
Remember that particle that we also use to indicate the manner by which something is done? Apparently it could also be used to indicate reason. This particle is ~. Just attach it to whatever is the reason and you are then good to go. The bus did not come because of the snow would be: バスは雪来ませんでした.

THURSDAY: Lesson Fifty Two –あのレストランはどうですか
Past tense! Let’s have an easy example: was is でした. I know there is a proper formula for this but screw the formula. What I always remember is that the ~ ending becomes ~した. I would eventually get in trouble for using this as a mnemonic but for now I am okay with it.

FRIDAY: Lesson Fifty Three – 兄弟とけんかしたことがありますか
Counter for times, meaning number of occasions; how many times, blah blah blah. Book says you use ~かい. There is another one but it seems that this is more common so we better stick to this one. Just put it right after the number and you are good to go.
For next week I would be covering lessons fifty one to fifty three. We can do this guys! The goal is to pass the N5 examination of the JLPT in December 2012! =)

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melvin said...

wow! ilang languages ba alam mo? o inaaral mo?ang spanish ko medyo nag-improve na pero pag mabilis ang nagsasalita di ko pa rin maiintindihan.i tried japanese pero nahihirapan ako andaming sentence patterns tsaka may counter words at particles pa,ewan.challenge naman para sa akin ang conjugation ng verbs sa spanish.gaano ka na katagal nag aaral?

ihcahieh said...

@melvin - Marami e, hahaha. Spanish matagal na, since 2003 so I guess strongest foreign language ko na yun, then I worked in a call center kaya nahasa pa dun. Japanese mahirap siya sa simula, pero kung gusto mo naman talaga, wala namang imposible. I also study Mandarin and Korean, nakakatulong din siya indirectly with my Japanese; Mandarin because of the Chinese Characters (Kanji); Korean because of the grammar (same grammatical structure).

melvin said...

ah matagal na pala akala ko ang slow ko lang talaga.3 yrs pa kasi ako sa spanish tapos nag try din ako ng japanese.

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