Saturday, April 14, 2012

中文 - Week 20 (New Practical Chinese Reader 1)

The book I am using is New Practical Chinese Reader 1 by the Beijing Language and Culture University Press. Volume 1 of the book has 14 lessons. Target end date is June 10, 2012.

MONDAY: Lesson Ten – 我在这儿买光盘
It is time to get to know some characters again! We have fifteen this week so let’s start now with the first three. means boat and if you stare at it you will see that it does look like one. I have not encountered this in the text or maybe I just forgot! The second one is which means house hold utensils. It looks like a top hat but the illustration on the book is that of an elaborately designed cup. Weird. The last one is which confuses me because it sounds like that character for moon or month. Although pronounced with the same tone, this one in particular means music.

TUESDAY: Lesson Ten –我在这儿买光盘
The first character for today is which means foot. I know! It does look like that high-frequency character for is. The next one is not that hard to write and easy to remember for me because it means book. It is written as . The next one is familiar because it is used to write “Japan” but it literally means root of a tree. It is the character .

WEDNESDAY: Lesson Ten –我在这儿买光盘
The first character for today means flat and is written as and I think I am imagining another character that looks like it but I suddenly forgot what it was. Oh well. The next character is which means to walk. If you look at it, it sort of resembles another character we learned yesterday, the character for foot. What they have in common are those two strokes below which I imagine to be human legs viewed from the side, hence the relation to walking. The last character for today is which means oneself. I have seen this character used with others in some words I have encountered in previous lessons.

THURSDAY: Lesson Ten –我在这儿买光盘
The first character for today means cave and is written as and yes it is pronounced like the verb for “to study” so better be careful with this one. means do not. I remember this one used in tandem with another character or stroke for the term for family or house. Last one is important because it means gold, HAHAHA. It is used as the Kanji for “Friday” in Japanese. It is written as .

FRIDAY: Lesson Ten –我在这儿买光盘
Last three! We have already met in the dialogue last week. As explained, it is a unit of measure equivalent to half a kilo which is commonly used in China. means dime and we have also met this one in last week’s dialogue. Before we arrive at centavos, we have this one first in the Chinese pricing system. The last character is which means ancient weapon. If I am not mistaken, this is the one you see as the right side component of the character for “to look for”.

For next week I will still be covering lesson ten. We are making progress! The goal is to pass the lowest level of the HSK in June 2012! =)

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