Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Three Henchmen of My Academic Apocalypse

Juin 11 - 17
The Three Henchmen of My Academic Apocalypse

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Incomplete [BACKSTREET]
  2. Kembot [AMBER] ß aba aba all-time favorite na ata ‘to a...
  3. Each Time [E17]
  4. It Ends Tonight [ALL AMERICAN REJECTS]
  5. We Fit Together [O-TOWN]
Movie of the Week: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • There is something wrong about Jessica Alba in this film. May pinaretoke ba siya sa mukha niya or something? Parang may iba e. O baka di lang talaga bagay sa kanya ang blonde and blue eyes.
  • I can’t tell if this is better than the first or the other way around. I don’t even want to think about it. Can’t people just watch movies and enjoy?
  • The Silver Surfer is so... SILVER. Sorry, not really familiar with the background of this mutant. Any F4 fan here who could shed some light?
  • The story revolves around the coming of the Silver Surfer (who is really Morpheus in disguise) to destroy our dear planet Earth (Oh how original, they always want to destroy our freaking planet) by ripping off the effects of global warming and making as many craters as he can within eight days. Feeling niya siguro nasa moon siya.
  • As usual Stan Lee has a cameo appearance.
  • As usual asaran pa rin ng asaran si Human Torch at si The Thing. Silang dalawa lang talaga ang nakakaaliw panoorin sa palabas na ito.
  • And so Dr. Doom lives and regains all his skin thanks to Dra. Vicky Belo, oops, thanks to the Nip/Tuck cast pala, lol. As expected he betrayed the quartet and planned to take over the world. As expected he killed all the four heroes and took over the world. Yeah right. Asang mangyayari yun. Very predictable movie pero ayos ang CGI.
  • For those who didn’t stay ang pinakita lang naman na video clip sa end credits e si Silver Surfer na palutang lutang sa outer space. So kung hindi niyo nakita wag kayo maglupasay kasi di naman crucial yung video clip.
  • Sana totoo yung chismis na may gagawing film na pagsasama samahin lahat ng Marvel heroes tapos ang kalaban is si Onslaught, hehehe.
Blog Entries: Nagtataka lang ako, kasi di ba itong Multiply merong page na makikita mo yung mga nag view sa iyo at kung ano ang ni-view nilang page. Ang pinagtataka ko is that before, yung weekly report ko na Back to the Philippines, Back to Reality ay maraming nagpupunta, particularly mga Malaysians na nakabalot, which is understandable kasi connected sa Malaysia somehow yung article. Lately naman e maraming nagpupunta sa weekly report ko na Dance Dance Dance! nja mga di ko kilala na karamihan naman e Europeans gaya ni Vari na friend ko na at ni Pantosoft. Ang tanong ko naman, how does this work? Is there like a search engine that if you key in a word e lalabas yung mga articles na may ganung word? Curious lang, weird.

Academics: Econ 100.1 + Econ 100.2 + Math 100 have arrived. Only insane non-CS people take these three courses in one semester. As for me yes I’m insane and retarded as well but also I have no choice. It actually makes me feel guilty to view these three courses as “evil” specially when they are handled by three very competent people named Monsod, Paderanga, and Abueg. Unfortunately I must view them as such so I would be challenged at least. With luck and an hour of daily review outside the classroom I think everything will turn out just fine. If I still fail any of these three after all the effort then I would just conclude that math is really a bitch from hell dimension sent to Earth to destroy lives and is thus worth vanquishing, lol. Registration was great, just spent 1 hour running around. Apparently CRS mistook me for a GRADUATING student. Really?! Wahahaha.

Work: Umalis na (Friday) halos lahat ng tao ng kumpanya. Natira na lang sa Portuguese ay 4 (3 full-time + ako part-time), 3 Spanish part-time, 3 supervisor at yung boss. Hanggang 25 na lang kami so meaning whole week this week + last Monday next week. ICT called for the third time, there’s part-time but there’s one month training. Conflict sa school schedule. Di ko na lang papatulan. ME TIME!

Future: Sumagot na ang MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies) sa inquiry ko regarding admissions. Pinadalhan na nila ko ng EDT (Early Diagnostic Test) for Spanish pero sa November ko na sasagutan para game na! MIIS is among if not the best Translation/Interpretation institute in the world IMO. They only offer Master’s degrees in International Business, International Negotiations, Translation/Interpretation, etc. And so why am I applying? First of all let me tell you that I would need roughly 5 million pesos to finish their two-year MATI (Masters of Arts in Translation and Interpretation) degree. Again the question, why? Well ladies and gentlemen let me present to you: CAREER PATH C Level 4 (Dream-on! Category). The only option to turn this potential career path into reality is via scholarship. That’s why it’s Level 4, tons of luck required. If I don’t get it then I just move on. At least I could tell myself that I tried. CAREER PATH C: MIIS MATI 08’-10’; United Nations 10’-until I die. No career shifts, just learning languages along the way. It all seems farfetched. I know. This career path is ihcahieh’s favorite. However CAREER PATH B Level 3 (Political Science – Economics – International Political Economy combo) still remains the dominant choice as of press time. BTW, where do I get a TOEFL examination? How much?

Languages: The Korean prof refused me as a sit-in, full class daw. The sad thing is that I can’t get mad at her because she’s such a nice lady. I see it as a blessing in disguise; so I just allotted the extra hour and a half to intensive Spanish review. I took the MIIS reply too seriously when in fact I shouldn’t. Korean is shelved, will resume June 2008. I will just finish the book I bought at Kinokuniya and familiarize myself with Hangul’. The focus of language studies for this academic year would be Spanish and French with the former getting 7 hours and a half per week and the latter getting 5 hours and a half per week. I am excited to learn German but the book I’ve pre-ordered hasn’t arrived yet. Unfortunately I would have to treat it as a leisure read rather than a serious career-mode read. I think Spanish and French would be the ones to bring me to new heights (career-wise).

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