Sunday, June 3, 2007

Night of the Living Dead: Redux

Maio 28 - 3
Night of the Living Dead: Redux

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Makes Me Wonder [MAROON5]
  2. Way Back into Love [GRANT/BENNETT]
  3. Upside Down [6 CYCLE MIND]
  4. Kembot [AMBER]
  5. Imprescindible [BEYONCé]
Event of the Week: Miss Universe 2007
  • NATIONAL COSTUMES: Mukhang mangkukulam si Georgia; Bakit may dolphins yung costume ni Dominican Republic, nagsusuot sila ng dolphins dun? Mukhang anorexic si Italy.
  • TOP 15: Siyempre kasali si USA (Si Donald Trump ang may ari e); Siyempre kasali si Mexico (Gusto niyo magka riot sa venue?); Siyempre kasali si Venezuela at India (What’s new?); Siyempre kasali si Tanzania (Kailan pa ba nagkaroon ng kalbong contestant dito, ngayon lang di ba)
  • I thought we would make it. Among the online community it’s almost a consensus that Japan, Korea, Thailand, & the Philippines are strong contenders this year. Kaya nung natawag yung tatlo kala ko pasok na rin.
  • Parang tanga sila Boy Abunda, may padasal dasal pang nalalaman samantalang na announce na sa Star World na laglag na tayo sa Top 15.
  • I actually don’t like Miss Universe 2006 because she STOLE Kurara’s title. Japan dapat ang nanalo last year, hahaha bitter pa rin hanggang ngayon. Pero in fairness sa Puerto Rico, mas gumanda si Zuleyka ngayon. To Spanish speakers, have you noticed how her final S’s disappeared and how her V’s came out as B’s when she was being interviewed? Hehehe...
  • Masyado namang energetic si Japan dun sa swimsuit portion, akala ko nga tatalsik sa audience yung bewang niya e. Mas maganda si Korea lalo na dun sa evening gown portion.
  • Sumemplang si USA nung evening gown portion. Kumita na yan hija, blockbuster pa nga kasi nag first runner up si Miriam.
  • Parang tanga si Angola, kapag magfo focus yung camera sa kanya she will try to flirt using her eyes, hindi naman effective. It was more of scary than attractive, parang Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara.
  • The two half-Pinoys (Norway and Germany) didn’t make the cut as well.
  • Is it me or was there really no UK or at least England this year?
  • Hindi tayo kasali sa Top 15 kasi lagi naman daw tayong nananalong Miss Photogenic. Internet addicts hinay hinay lang, masyadong obvious...
  • The interview portion was fun: a mix of Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Venezuela), and English. San ka pa! Unfair however, those who used translators should have been given twice the time. Is it me again or was the audience booing USA when she was answering her question? Kawawa naman yung tao nadapa na nga siya e.
  • And so Japan wins. Ano to pampalubag loob kasi dinaya niyo si Kurara last year? Korea dapat ang nanalo no. Walang kwenta.
Work: Well prepare to get bored because this week I will be talking mostly about WORK! Let’s just say that once upon a time there were 4 Portuguese speaking call center agents in the Philippines (2 Brazilians and 2 Filipinos) who received all the calls coming from Brazil. The call center in Brazil already closed and will reopen on the 25th of June and surprise surprise, our boss is asking who wants to extend. Who could really say no? And so I said yes. It would be part-time still and so I have a job until the 25th. The week has been an endless barrage of “Where-are-my-commissions?” drama and eternal bitching about having to stay on the line for 45 minutes without getting answered. Well surprise Brazilians clients. There are 4 of us and how many of you, a million? Kamusta naman. It’s been two weeks of full-time work and I am dead tired already. In short, Night of the Living Dead na naman ang drama ko. Just when I thought my eyebags couldn’t go any deeper... On another issue since most of these clients are almost always irate and never fail to comment that my effing sotaque is deferente, I tried talking to them using the Big Brother voice which goes a little something like this: Allo. Pause. Bom dia. Pause. Meu nome. Pause. é Alfredo. Pause. Em que posso. Pause. Ajudá-lo. Pause. It actually sounded weird and was actually more exhausting since I have to do many stops and so I stopped it but it did eliminate the everlasting “my sotaque is deferente” comment. Where the hell can I buy a genuine Brazilian accent? But in the end it all boils down to understanding and being understood which is the main purpose of language. I know what they want. They understand me even if my accent is different and so what’s the problem? So when they ask, Você é Americano? Just to get it over with I reply: Sim! Sim! lol.

Reversing your Body Clock: Full-time for two weeks now and another more to go. I think I won’t last a year in a call center if I have to work on a graveyard shift. Just two weeks of full-time and I already feel dead. Maybe this is the sign that I should get rid of the call center industry as an integral part of my long-term plans. Besides, waking up at 6 PM and snoozing at 7 AM is so NOT normal.

Future: Right now I’m basically torn between various plans after graduation. It’s already my last first semester and I have barely a year to go before finally bidding UPD goodbye. The prevailing plan is to work two years full-time in the call center industry and hoard the big bucks before packing my bags to kick start a career in a foreign country (One needs a lot of gas to trail blaze a career, at least for me,) which is by the way the new motto: Careers Start at 25. And now after realizing what just 2 weeks of graveyard shift could do to my sanity I don’t even want to imagine what 2 years could do. This brings me to yet another round of regret and self-blaming to the tune of: “If you shifted to EL instead this won’t even be a problem.” I guess I need a new plan of action before the school year ends. And so like I said to most of my clients, Sim, é muito compricado senhor.

Kuya Watch: What’s up with the brother? Well after the Internet guided family conference we have successfully averted any form of physical aggression against each other. There were only two shouting incidents for the whole week. There aren’t so many developments regarding bonding with each other but just to sum it all up we’re good. Well only 2 shouting incidents in a week is BIG development.

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