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ENGLISH-C (Ms. Felix) Sec. 40 - San Lioba

Like I never fail to mention ihcahieh, Alfie, and Dan the Wrathful all live in the Future and the Past. They don’t live in the present which is a rather sufficient explanation as to why the host body is almost always in a retarded or semi-catatonic if not totally catatonic state. For the last week the three have packed their bags to leave the future for a couple of days and have a mini vacation in the past. This is one of the thins they’ve found along the way.


Sec. 40                        Q.E. Panel Discussion           Ms. Felix
(Does anyone know where Miss Felix is right now?
That teacher who always wore a blazer even if it was freaking hot.)
- De Jesus, Dan Alfred
- Mirazol, Johnus Renan
- Clavinez, Ira Camille
- Fernando, Joanna Carla
- Garcia, Carla Rhea
- Mapilisan, Angelica

(Enter Dan and Angelica)

Dan/Angelica: A pleasant good afternoon to all! We are here in the studio for the launching of the first episode of our show, “      “! (clap)

Dan: Our topic for the day is very relative to high school students, seniors nowadays, that is Career Tracking!

Angelica: Yes Dan but before that, let us introduce ourselves. I am Angelica C. Mapilisan, 20 years old, a graduate of BS Journalism (Bakit BS?) from Dela Salle Taft and is currently working for this station and was chosen to host this show. (Anj, natuloy ba tong pinagsasasabi mo rito?)

Dan: Thanks for your introduction Angelica and now it’s my turn, I am Dan Alfred M. de Jesus, graduate of BS Electrician Engineering (ELECTRICIAN?) at Mapua Institute of Technology. I’m currently employed as an engineer in Petronas Company. I’m based in London and is on vacation right now. I am your temporary host for a month, thank you. I’m 22 years old. (Well I’m ALMOST 22 years old and none of this actually happened. Electrical Engineering? Honestly? ROFL)

Angelica: Enough of the chit-chat. For our guests we invited certain persons for a clear panel discussion. Let’s now introduce our guests.

Dan: Our first guest for tonight is single, 20 years old, a graduate of Airlink International Aviation School and is now a successful pilot working for Philippine Airlines. Let us welcome Capt. Johnus Mirazol. (Johnus, parang ang layo nito sa UST, architecture ka ngayon di ba?)

Angelica: Our 2nd guest is a graduate of BS Biology major in Microbiology from the University of the Philippines, Manila. She is 22 years old. She was accelerated in grade school several times, a genius we may call, that’s why she finished her course early, let’s all welcome Dr. Ira Clavinez! (Ira, magparamdam ka naman ni wala ka ata sa Friendster ko. Totoo ba yung acceleration o pinag trip-an ka lang ng nagsulat nito? Batang Promil ka ba? Hehehe...)

Dan: Our 3rd guest is at her early 20’s and was a law graduate of San Beda College, Mendiola. She is currently a PAO lawyer working to assist poor litigants. Let’s meet Atty. Joanna Fernando. (According to Joanna’s profile at Friendster she is currently taking her MS in NURSING right now so no, I don’t think she became a PAO lawyer)

Angelica: Our final guest for today is one of my colleagues in the industry – she works here at this station and you see her everyday in Alas Singco y Medya. (Ay matagal nang wala ang show na ito...) A graduate of Mass Communications at Ateneo de Manila University, let’s welcome 22 years old Ms. Carla Rhea Garcia! (clap) (Isa ka pa Carla, paramdam ka naman!)

Dan: It may be of interest to you, all six of us were highschool classmates and were graduates of St. Benedict College. We were at Sec. 40 and they ar here together with us to give you some tips on Career Tracking.

Angelica: Ok let’s start by asking, what do you guys really want when you were still young?

Johnus: Me, I dreamed of being a basketball player but I realized I wanted something better, to be a pilot. (Yihee frustrated basketball player, lol)

Ira: Me too, what I like is different fromwhat I am now. (Parang kulang ng TO BE yung mga sentence, ang tanga ko talaga mag English, lol) I dreamed of being a chemistry teacher like one of our teachers in 3rd year, who was a real freak! (Wahhh! Nami miss ko na rin ang mga kalokohan nii AJ! Lol, Mama J ata tawag namin sa kanya tapos gustong gusto niya yung Section 30 lagi niyang binibida sa amin na mga taga Section 31 e siya class adviser namin.)

Dan: What about you Joanna?

Joanna: I like, well I like, ah I don’t really know what I like before, but somehow my footsteps brought me to being a lawyer. (Serious grammar problem...)

Carla: Like me, I decided at the last minute to put masscom in my application form. It worked and I’m now famous like Ryan Agoncillo, who also works for the same station as I do. Go Bene! (Wei? Ryan Agoncillo? Kasagsagan siguro ito nung pagbabalik niya sa Bene, yung may trophy pa siya ata or something)

Angelica: That’s good. Me for instance, I wanted to be a Filipino teacher but look, I’m now with you interviewing. (Yihee idol si Villena.)

Dan: Yup, I wasn’t decided on my course too but I’m not blaming myslef because I’m successful now. (Hihihi...)

Angelica: Just like Dan said, are you guys regretful on what you are right now? (Hindi ko na gets yung question... Interpreter please...) Well me I’m not, what about you Carla?


Joanna: Me? I remember our dear Guidance Councilor, Ms. De Guzman, you know. O saw her, been married and has 3 kids. (Nagdilang anghel pero alam ko isa pa lang anak niya.)

Dan: Good for her, she’s really nice. And I remember the most? Ummm, the Filipino teacher who looks like Aiza Seguerra, she was a new teacher that year? (Hindi ko trip pag initan si Villena ano?)

Angelica: Yup, Pagdating ng Panahon was her theme sog.

All: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Dan: Remembering highschool was great and I remember some of our classmates too, like Lloyd, you still remember him, he always studies two weeks before the examination. (Hahaha! Peace Lloyd! Oy na promote na yang si Lloyd i congratulate niyo naman, the first promotion of his career.)

Johnus: I also remember Rommel, my best friend, he should be here but he wasn’t able to come and my secret admirer – 8 letters, I still don’t know who he or she really is until now. (Sino ba makakalimot kay Rommel e ang laki laking tao nun. Naalala ko nung nilasing niya yung sarili niya nung taste test nung wine fermentation sa Biotech. Tapos naalala ko lasang salad dressing yung wine namin, lol. Sino si 8 LETTERS?)

Carla: I recall some of my basketball buds like Paolo and Ira here. (Sinong PAOLO? Marami tayong batchmate na Paolo ang pangalan. May Paola pa nga.)

Ira: Yeah we were great. (Magbuhat ba ng sariling bangko? Lol) For one, our president Altair, she was great – she’s in the States already! (Altair kailan pa? Bakit di ka nagpapaalam, lol)

Joanna: Yes, I remember Angela, the monitor and Anaver too. (Dalawa kayong monitor?)

Angelica: Those were the days, I also recall Cathy and JE and J. Flo, their nowhere to be found. I don’t know where they are! (Si Cathy at JE nasa Multiply ko, si JFlo di ko alam)

Dan: Well Anj, looks like we’re running out of time. Might as well say our messages to the kids, I mean seniors out there on tips on careers. Let’s start with you – (Johnus, Ira, Joanna, Carla)

Dan/Angelica: Well that’s it and remember in choosing a career, use your heart, goodbye and God bless!

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