Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello Good Morning, May I Strangle You?

Juin 18 - 24
Hello Good Morning, May I Strangle You?

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Tu m’oublieras [LARUSSO]
  2. Catch Me I’m Falling [GONZAGA]
  3. It Ends Tonight [ALL AMERICAN REJECTS]
  4. End of Me [RAVEN]
  5. Marimar [THALIA]
Movie of the Week: Tootsie
  • This is the story of a jobless character actor in New York who pretends to be a woman and lands a role in a daytime soap... as a woman.
  • If you thought only Robin Williams could dress up as a woman and do a good job in convincing you that he is one then you’ll have to see this film and see what Dustin Hoffman has to offer.
  • I don’t know how Jessica Lange won a supporting actress Oscar for this film (1982). She was good but not that great. Maybe competition was not very stiff that year. BTW, where is she now? Is she retired or something?
  • The younger Dustin Hoffman (1982) reminds me of Roberto Benigni. Come to think of it they hauntingly resemble each other and they both have the same level of energy and presence on screen.
  • I wonder why the Oscars don’t get to at least nominate actors who effectively portray roles of “women” on stage. I know that Robin Williams wasn’t nominated for Mrs. Doubtfire. I don’t know if Dustin Hoffman was nominated for this film. I think it is an actor’s most difficult challenge: to pretend to be a woman in a film and effectively create a new character that people believe to be a real person. Or maybe the Oscars is just really homophobic. But isn’t it discrimination against men? If Hilary Swank could cross-dress and win an Oscar on her first nomination and Felicity Huffman could be nominated for a transvestite role then why not the opposite? Or maybe it is because Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire are COMEDIES. Nonetheless, boo Oscars, lol.
  • As usual the dilemma in this film is falling in love with a woman while pretending to be a woman and not being able to pursue that love because the woman you are in love with actually believes that you are a woman when in fact you are really a man in love with her.
Unemployment: It has already been two days of unemployment and everything is going fine. I’ve slept normally in the last two days and I have lots of free time now to read the books piled up on my book shelf. I now have time to do advance reading of some lectures. I now have time to watch PBB season 2 and get irritated by Miss Wenn D. Moño’s stupidity and ka-KSP-han to the max. I was able to watch Maria Flor de Luna’s ending which tried hard to emulate Pan’s Labyrinth’s. I’ve saved enough dough to support my career enrichment plans (as in books, enrollment to different institutions) and other stuff. I don’t know if I would still apply for another part-time position when the semester ends. Me Time for now.

Academics: I could have been wrong when I included Economics 100.1 and 100.2 in what I called as “Three Henchmen of my Academic Apocalypse.” After a week of lessons I’ve realized that you could actually relate the concepts in Economics to your everyday life and that you could easily think of something tangible to apply the concepts on. When you see a demand curve or a supply curve you could easily think of something from the real world to represent them. On the contrary Calculus is so abstract. When you talk about rational expressions or any of those Algebra hangovers necessary for Pre-Calculus you can’t help but wonder how you could actually apply them to your everyday life considering that you are a Political Science major. Of course the Econ majors would say, “Well wait ‘til you get to higher econ courses.” Good thing is I won’t have to, so belat!

Work: When it has finally come to the point when you want to strangle a client more than you want to help him/her it’s a clear indication that you have to stop working. It’s obviously the combined effects of sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, and stress that lead to this. Of course I did not have this dilemma last semester when I was also working and studying, which was mainly due to my schedule. My earliest subject back then was 1 PM. For this semester my earliest subject is 8 AM and then I have to work before the day ends, go figure. And so my mind has started to contradict itself. It used to say “Go for the extra dinero! Extend!” but now it says, “Puttanesca matulog naman tayo!” You are in a very difficult situation when of all things you could probably get tired of you choose to deprive yourself of sleep. I’m now officially unemployed effective Friday, June 22. Yahoo!

Languages: The German book I have ordered already arrived! Ang saya saya! Maybe I’m just excited to get a break from Romance languages by introducing a Germanic one. I’ve been reading the book (leisure read) and it’s a tongue twister everyday. Try saying this fast: Meeresgrundforschungslaborauswertungsbericht. It means “sea-floor research lab evaluation report.” Fun isn’t it?

MM Watch: I came home from work one day to find his door locked. I knew he was there but I didn’t know what was happening inside because there was no response even after a thousand knocks. And so after doing a lot of noise that could have waken even Sleeping Beauty up I got a hammer and destroyed his door knob. He was there sleeping. He opened his eyes and just looked at me a little bit annoyed. Well I was just worried. Malay ko ba kung naglaslas na siya ng pulso dun o kaya nabagsakan siya ng cabinet niya o kaya kinuha na siya ni Sadako. Concerned lang naman ako no. It’s not as if mag isa lang akong nakatira dito. We barely see each other lately because of school and work. Pag alis niya sa umaga tulog pa ako at pagbalik ko naman sa gabi tulog na siya. So ano ang ending? Wala na siyang ila lock ngayon. Walang door knob. Pa lock lock pa kasi e.

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