Thursday, May 31, 2007

We Bring the FUN Back in Dysfunctional

Maio 21 - 27
We Bring the FUN Back in Dysfunctional

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Just Like a Pill [PINK]
  2. Only Reminds Me of You [MYMP]
  3. Upside Down [6 CYCLE MIND]
  4. High [THE SPEAKS]
  5. Way Back into Love [GRANT/BENNETT]
Movie of the Week: Honey
  • Jessica Alba can dance and do it well. She's sexy and I think she can act decently naman. Maybe she should try singing para complete package na.
  • This is basically a dance movie, you could consider it an Introduction to Hip Hop or something to that effect.
  • It's cool how they can convert what seem like everyday ordinary movements such as dribbling a ball or kids playing jump rope into effective hip hop dance moves.
  • I don't get the whole Help-Benny subplot not to mention that the kid is a little annoying to begin with. I think it is an attempt to insert some social relevance to the movie. Too cliché.
  • There are a lot of cameo appearances from rappers and Missy Elliot is listed in the cast even if she just appeared twice.
  • Short movie, only an hour and a half. More like an overextended music video. The main story revolves around Honey's journey to success and how she used that success to help street kids have the passion to dance.
Family Conference: It’s amazing what technology could do at six o’clock in the morning. I come home from work to a crying brother who would not tell what’s wrong with him. Who you gonna call? Call his mommy. With the aid of the Internet we were able to have a family conference sans the Daddy and talk about the problems we are facing in life. It seemed corny at first but it was actually like a recollection or a retreat. It was fun and we were able to release all the angst we had inside. We talked and promised each other to try to resolve whatever issues we have between us and change for the better. Apparently MM (I call my brother MM) has love problems and is fighting demons from his past that he can’t seem to overcome. I told them that they can’t really talk to me seriously because I’m retarded and I live in the future. I don’t know if they understood what I was trying to say because Peklat (I call my mother PEKLAT) eventually advised that I see a psychiatrist. MM admitted that he has learned to be too self reliant and that he has problems dealing with people which came to me as a surprise because I thought I was the only one in this family who has problems socializing with people (Aba aba it runs in the family?) and then Peklat told us that MM Senior (We call Papá MM as well) also has problems socializing with people (Oh my God it’s a family curse.) What valuable lesson did I learn from this experience? Well, family is family no matter how dysfunctional it could be at times. In the end you will simply realize that you don’t have to face the world alone. Corny but true. =p

Being a Kuya: I wanted to apologize to MM because I know I have not been an ideal kuya to him simply because I don’t know how to. I have lived my life distancing myself from people. I have built an impenetrable psychic wall around me that I eventually forgot I have a brother who should be able to open up to me on whatever problem he has, seek advice, etc. But how do you become a big brother to someone when you can’t even fix your own life? It’s a question I can’t seem to answer. If there are two people in the world who should understand each other and have a strong bond it should be the two of us but that just didn’t happen. It is not too late however. Hindi ko lang alam kung paano kami magba bonding. The only two possible ways to bond with my brother that I see is A) Learn Japanese; or B) Enroll in Taekwondo class. Given that I will stop working effective June 15 I would be able to spend more time with him. Learning Japanese is actually scheduled for a June 2008 head start but if it would help form a stronger bond with my brother then fine I will adjust it a year earlier. On the contrary I see Taekwondo as the answer to this problem. If there is one thing that we have in common that would be the tendency to use our legs to release all the hatred we have against the world. Maybe axe-kicking each other will work...

Academics: CRS is becoming kind to oldies with student numbers below 04. I was able to get all 19 units I need for this semester. Two Economics subjects, three majors, and Calculus. Now I finally saw one of the benefits of not working this semester, more time for Calculus so I won’t fail it, lol. I just hate that I wasn’t able to secure a slot in the Comparative Politics of Selected European States class.

Work: I went full time this week until June 10. I have barely a month to add more to the money I have already saved. I have barely a month to take advantage of whatever I could extract from the Brazilian callers with regard to their accent, culture, and everything Brazilian Portuguese. I have barely a month to assess if I could really withstand this kind of job since it is part of my long term plans.

Missing Malaysia: This is one of the weirdest things I’ve felt this week. I am actually missing Malaysia, the country which has been both my prison and my paradise. May it be Paka or Shah Alam, it seems that the country is calling me back. Going back has not really been an option given that I have a regular job but now that I will be stopping... I hope I could come back soon to visit. =)

Maging Sino Ka Man: I remember Nap Gutierrez saying in his column that Rosanna Roces will appear in this soap and that there’ll be a Book 2. I wasn’t able to watch the ending because of work so ABS-CBN, please release the remaining DVD Volumes please! My prediction is that Book 2 will come October 2007. A couple of mishaps but still IMHO the best soap ABS-CBN has ever produced. 

Summarizing College (Teaser): UPD also has its fair share of bitches who hate transferees. There was one of them who rabidly hated transferees. Maybe a transferee bit her or something; hence she became rabid. To cut the long story short YES I am a transferee and my 2.5 UPG didn’t make the cut but here I am doing English class with you and in the end I even got a better grade. Bitch.

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