Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lock Yourself in a Cave and Be Happy

Juin 25 - 1
Lock Yourself in a Cave and Be Happy

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Give It Up to Me [SEAN PAUL]
  2. Pon de Replay [RIHANNA]
  3. Catch Me I’m Falling [GONZAGA]
  4. Ikaw Lamang [SILENT SANCTUARY]
  5. Bang Bang Boom [MOFFATS]
Event of the Week: Zsa Zsa Zaturnah Ze Musikal
  • Zsa Zsa Zaturnah is your modern-day super heroine. She has super strength although she can’t fly. Like her creator said everyday she battles various kinds of enemies from giant frogs, zombies and well you know the drill. One caveat however is that her alter-ego is not actually a SHE but rather a HE in the person of a gay parlor beautician Ada.
  • Eula Valdes is one helluvan actress may it be TV or theater. I was actually surprised to see one of her FHM 100 Sexiest posters alongside Angel’s and Katrina’s who are way younger than she is. However when I saw her in tights in this production it dawned on me that she indeed deserves to be on that list. What is her rank anyway? For those who have not seen Zaturnnah Ze Musikal yet bad news: I believe the July 1 run was actually Eula’s last Zaturnnah appearance. The new Zaturnnah is K Brosas.
  • The character actor who played DIDI managed to upstage everybody else which is not at all surprising because DIDI is really funny even in the comics version. I just find it odd that his memorable comics line, “Palakpak mga dukha!” was not included. I just don’t know who did the role today (not Ricci Chan) but he was definitely good. He had a lot of adlibs and the audience never failed to laugh every time he was on stage.
  • I wanted to see Agot Isidro as Queen Femina but Kalila Aguilos played her role today. She wasn’t bad. She was actually funny. My only reaction is that most of the time it seemed like Julie Andrews was possessing her because of the British accent. Pero nakakaaliw siya lalo na nung nag malfunction yung battle gown niya ginaya niya si Miriam Defensor Santiago, lol.
  • The transmorphication of the Amazonistas was done via a production number. Tawa ko ng tawa kasi si Nora A. yung una. Ang kulit. Every time the four of them appeared (Nora A, Vilma S, Sharon C, Dina B) there was an allusion to the actual actresses themselves. Na okray nga lang si Dina Bonnevie rito since compared to the other three she has the least memorable lines and singing/dancing capability; every time she reached a high note may sound effects ng breaking glass. Another funny thing is that their memorable movie lines were translated to English. Hehehe.
  • Loved the song/dance numbers. Laughtrip halos lahat ng scenes but the best for me was the one with Femina doing the martial arts poses and afterwards Eula answering with some sort of a dance na pang Pegasus, lol.
  • The set is simple and we know it can’t rival Broadway but you can’t help but be amazed by Filipino resourcefulness when it comes to props and set.
Everything TV: Paris Hilton already got out of jail. She said that her 3-week imprisonment was some sort of a wake-up call. Apparently she realized that she is 26 years old and that she has been retarded for the last uhm... 26 years? Maybe she will adopt Cambodian orphans now and join UNICEF (Angie is already in the UN, iba naman para orig.) Well wake up Paris. Sell yur Guccis and Fendis and feed the entire African continent. Wendy was not declared Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. She came in third place and took a little while to come out when her name was called. Maybe the ABS-CBN management thought there would be a riot of some sort. After an Araneta Coliseum-wide booing, the Wendy-haters finally found salvation and moved on with their lives (that means me + the whole online community from Peyups to PEX.) BEA won. After the realization that Wendy would have no chance of getting the million it was actually ok for anyone else to win so I didn’t really care but given the chance to change the outcome I would have let MICKEY win to break the chain of financially-not-so-well-off-female chain of PBB Big winners. The “chinita” girl who is not so financially well-off has become a stereotype of a Big Winner. My suggestion for a Celebrity edition: Let Mariel Rodriguez be one of the housemates.

Academics: I’ve already incurred like three absences in both Economics classes. I’ve been oversleeping lately and so my morning classes are affected. I have already “practiced” sleeping early this whole week as to totally eradicate this behavior which is causing me academic mayhem. I’ve already managed to catch up by reading the book. Thank God both Economics classes discuss the same lessons for the first few weeks and have the same book as reference. We are still in the Algebra review part of Calculus so it hasn’t given me any problems yet. The Public Administration subject (Polsc 150) is a total bore but the professor is good. Again, it’s me. I am enjoying the International Private Law course (Polsc 186) although I already have an absence. It’s a Saturday morning class and so it is very tempting to just oversleep and forget about it. So far academics is good. Yahoo.

Health: I’ve just realized how I took my health for granted. I’m still adjusting my zombie sleeping hours to that of a normal human being. I’ve tried including exercise and stretching in my daily routine and it’s actually fun. It feels good afterwards because it somehow makes you feel a little bit stronger and active. Of course I would still want a medical check-up. Who knows? Maybe it will turn out that I have a brain tumor or some incurable disease and I actually have only a year to live. E di ang saya di ba! Wala ng plano plano ng buhay. Planning a life is so stressful! Kapag di ka naman nagplano sa kangkungan ka pupulutin in the future. At least if you find out that your days are numbered e di stress-free na. Enjoy to death ka na lang di ba, literally. But since I haven’t done check-up yet I’ll just assume that I have a clean bill of health and try to live the healthy life. =p

Be Happy: A message from Alfie and ihcahieh: We’ve decided to lock Dan the Wrathful in a cave for a couple of months. We both promise to see the world in a more positive perspective. We will listen to happy songs and try to be more patient. We will eat healthy food and sleep eight hours a day. If it does not work then we’ll set him free and let him handle the host body’s life the way he sees fit.

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