Monday, November 27, 2006

The Week the Angst Didn't Die

Novembro 19 - 25
The Week the Angst Didn’t Die

Soundtrack of the Week
  1. Die Another Day [MADONNA]
  2. Going Under [EVANESCENCE]
  3. Dip it Low [MILLIAN]
  4. Mi Reflejo [AGUILERA]
  5. Helena [MCR]
Movie of the Week: Borat
  • Hilarious! A very good movie to watch specially if you are having an effing day. Laughtrip, as in!
  • On the contrary, offensive to Kazakhstan itself. They even used Kazakhstan’s official flag. Siguro kung Pilipinas ang napagkatuwaan marami na naman ang nagra rally ngayon.
  • Most Hilariius Scene: Yung sinilid niya sa sako si Pamela Anderson, hahaha! Was that scripted?
  • I can’t believe that some scenes were not scripted at all lalo na yung dinner party, yung Kazakhstan village. Parang game naman sila lahat. Mga utu uto, hehehe.
  • Kazakhstan has many problems: Economic, Political, and Jew. Kulit!
  • Ang kulit din nung introduction niya sa sister niya, after lip locking: She is my sister, the number 4 (or 3?) prostitute in Kazakhstan! Sabay pakita ng trophy, hahaha!!!
  • Wala siyang kwenta actually pero nakakatawa siya.
Special Interest of the Week: On World Royalties
Started with Marie Antoinette research then branched off to different existing royalties in the world. Ang saya! Existing monarchies include British (the most famous), Thai, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish. Halos lahat nasa Europe. Cambodia also has a monarchy but not as popular. =)

Obsessions: Meaning “google them, read everything about them, watch videos at youtube, etc.” Royalties (Only one of the Scandinavian monarchies has a woman as crowned princess to succeed the king as of present), Natalie Portman (great SNL Rap video!), Fushigi Yuugi (Miss ko na ang Fushigi Yuugi!!! Wahhh!!!), Angelina Jolie (Kickass, don’t care what people say attitude, the best!)

Showbiz: Happy Feet defeats Casino Royale for the second consecutive weekend. Borat settles for fifth place with over a hundred million dollars already. Sarah Geronimo is criticized for singing the national anthem in the Pacquaio-Morales fight in a very slow manner. May nagsabi pa nga na unconstitutional daw. Aba hulihin na nga yang Sarah na yan, ikulong sa koreksyonal! Hehehe...

Work: Work is getting boring and tiring. Work is becoming monotonous. Buti na lang palagi akong nakakakuha ng muy amable comment at the end of some calls. Natatalo na ng Portuguese cases ang Spanish cases sa aking daily work report, lumipat kaya ako sa Portuguese? Hehehe. Dumarami na rin ang new agents ng Spanish, competition ba ito? Joke. Hindi naman, wala lang. Weird!

Academics: Academics crashed this week as the host body suffered from lapses of retardation, whips of depression, strips of hallucination, a couple of unnecessary obsessions, fatigue, and hypersensitivity. Academics is expected to recover by Tuesday next week but aftershocks should also be anticipated. Every domain of academic life were affected by these unwanted phenomena.

Future: Baccalaureate Era (2003-2008) 17-22: Spanish-Portuguese-Italian-French combo, guitar, part-time call center; Second Degree Era (2008-2010) 22-24: UP BS Economics, German-Japanese-Mandarin-Korean combo, piano, full-time call center; Singapore Era (2010-2014) 24-29: NUS MA SEA Studies, Bahasa Malaysia-Thai-Vietnamese combo, violin, full-time job in an uber-greedy capitalist corporation; London Year (2014-2015) 29-30: LSE MA IPE, Russian, flute; World Bank Era (2015-2020) 30-35: Junior Professionals Program, three words and a hyphen: Be uber-rich, Arabic; Foreign Service Era (2020-2025) 35-40: Foreign Service Republic of the Philippines, Dutch-Swedish-Norwegian-Danish combo; UN Era (2025-2030) 40-45: Humanitarian missions the best!; Recess (2030-2035) 45-50: Write that effing novel of yours, perhaps MA in Spanish-French; Hello UPD Era (2035-2045) 50-60: Be a UP Prof (naks naman!), gusto ko double department, sa Pol Sci department tiyaka sa EL department. By this time malamang oldies na sila Ma’m Maurillo, Ma’m Mercado, Ma’m Delias, Sir Arugay, Sir Quilala, etc; Ang mga future Sir Morada, Ma’m Casambre at Ma’m Luntao!; Retired (2045-2060) 60-75: I will be dead by 75, that’s old enough ano? Pwede na. Plans bound to change as usual...

Random Rants: I hate you. I hate you too. And you. Every one of your effing kind. I hate all of you. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care what you do. I will do what I want to do. I will say what I want to say. Starting now the motto is: The hell-I don’t give a damn! I have three words and an exclamation point for you: Die Morons Die! Escapist sentiment growing stronger. Need to maintain focus.

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