Friday, May 27, 2022

Stranger Things: Episode 31

31. The Dive
Hopper and Dmitri are given their last meal as they are to be used as fodder for the Demagorgon housed at the Russian gulag. Joyce and Murray coerce Yuri to “deliver” them to the prison, after dropping by to pick up his stash of weapons, to mount an impossible rescue mission. Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle arrive in Salt Lake City and convince Suzie to help them crack the code. Jason is convinced that Eddie is being used as a vessel by the devil and uses his charisma to mobilize the townsfolk to hunt the Hellfire Club, branding them as a satanist cult responsible for the murders. Eleven continues her training by retrieving core memories via Brenner’s VHS footage of their time at Hawkins Lab. She slowly recalls her early years as a lab experiment and how her peers, led by Two, bullied her. The Hawkins gang find Eddie and a malfunctioning compass leads the way to another gate to the Upside Down at the bottom of the lake. Steve is yanked to the other side and attacked by creatures there as Nancy, Robin, and Eddie dive after him.

Oh wow, that was short-lived. Apparently, Master WarJock won’t be Steve 2.0 but rather serves as a caricature for a GOP wannabe starter pack and all the negative connotation that implies. Hey, at least we are not getting an extra cast member when all of this is over. He is just so annoying at this point. I hope he doesn't cross paths with Angela, lest these creatures reproduce. That guy in Elle’s memories prodding her in the lab, is it safe to say that he is 001? There is indeed a scene where he's seen being tortured inside the room that says ONE. I wonder what his powers are. He seems like the creepy sinister type to me. Obviously, Papa Brenner is hiding something. This gives Elle’s character arc an interesting twist, because she will obviously be forced to swing to one side. I am loving the intrigue. Volume One has one episode left, so I am guessing that we will get some answers and then more questions before we proceed to the one-month hiatus between episodes. Solid storytelling this season so far. Kudos, guys. I’m hooked!

"Our brains have a defense mechanism in place to protect it from bad memories. From Trauma. You buried these memories long ago." –Dr. Brenner

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