Friday, May 27, 2022

Stranger Things: Episode 28

28. The Monster and the Superhero
Now retired Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) gets a visit from the military quizzing him about Eleven’s whereabouts. Apparently, they believe that whatever is happening in Hawkins is El’s fault. Joyce and Murray fly to Alaska with the money. The guy they talked to was Dmitri (Tom Wlaschiha), Hopper’s prison guard who made a deal with him for his freedom. Nancy meets up with Team Dustin and is prepped about Vecna. She teams up with Robin to pursue a lead about a 50’s serial killer who killed his family in the same fashion. They find a tabloid write-up about him claiming he was not the murderer and that a demon killed his family. Max meets up with the school guidance counselor to fish for info about Chrissy and Fred, but she refuses to give out any intel. She steals her office keys and sneaks in along with Steve and Dustin. El is detained by the police but is intercepted by Dr. Owens and his team en route to the juvenile detention center. He proposes a program for her to get her powers back. She agrees.

I’m tired for 11. Seriously. Can’t she, like, get superpowered assistance from someone else? She’s the forever Deus-Ex-Machina here, which I suppose is still more interesting than being bullied in high school as your main subplot. It feels quite escapist, though. I mean, she has that luxury of being a superhero. Not every bullied kid in high school does. Oh well, anyway, as predicted Nancy joins another team. Let’s now call Nancy and Robin Team Nancy. Dustin, Steve, and Max are now Team Max, because it seems as though she’s Vecna’s next target. Team 11 is still Eleven, Will, Mike, and Jonathan. Team Joyce is Joyce and Murray. Oh, we almost forgot all about Lucas. Joining the jocks in his new clique is boring, but I love how he is given something to do by being some sort of a double agent. In any case, his subplot is rather interesting because it is also a case study on finding your own identity in your formative years, that hard decision as to whether to stay in your comfort zone or try other things. Action is beginning to build up!

"You have fought this evil before and you've won but this evil, it's like a virus. Each time it returns it comes back stronger, smarter, deadlier. A war is coming to Hawkins." –Dr. Owens

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