Friday, July 31, 2020

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 19

19. 743
With the efforts of Diego, Allison, and Klaus in vain to stop Vanya, Ben steps in to pacify his sister. He is successful but her power incinerates him. For good. On the farm, Harlan also suffers a seizure along with Vanya and later exhibits her power involuntarily, killing Karl in the process. Luther plays referee between the two Fives and the events proceed as they should, with Old Man Five ending up in 2019 in his younger body. With the nuclear holocaust averted, JFK is assassinated as Diego tackles a decoy of their dad at the Grassy Knoll. AJ sends a clue to Herb to find the record for Kill Order 743 and give it to Lila. It is revealed that The Handler greenlit the murder of her parents but using AJ’s stamp and with Old Man Five as the hitman. She manipulates her into believing Five is the enemy, and she prepares for the kill. The Handler gets rid of AJ by swallowing him alive. An angry Reginald confronts the Majestic 12 for JFK’s murder. As they blackmail him, he takes his face off and attacks everyone offcam.

First stop: BEN. I’ve always wanted him to have at least a semblance of significance in the storyline, but I never thought they would give him something this big and emotional. At least we can say that the character did not go to waste and that Justin H. Min is finally given an opportunity to shine after being Klaus’ supernatural appendage for two seasons now. What a bittersweet swansong! Second: HARLAN. What the heck is happening here? While I’m happy that Karl is gone, how the heck did Harlan get Vanya’s powers? Will he be the actual cause of the apocalypse and Vanya was just the red herring? I hope these questions get answered in the finale. Third: DADDY ALIEN. I don’t have any other logical explanation for this, but I suppose LITERALLY taking your face off and being so interested in the moon is a sign that you’re an ET. Final note: super kudos to the writers for the solid screenplay. Even something as trivial as Klaus tossing a fire extinguisher into the portal affected the story’s flow! Give the writers a raise, they so deserve it.

“You're not a monster, you are my sister. And right now our siblings are risking everything out there to save you. You aren't alone at the table anymore, Vanya.” –Ben

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