Friday, July 31, 2020

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 17

17. Öga for Öga
Five time travels to 1982 and singlehandedly assassinates all board members of The Commission except for AJ, whom he hands over to The Handler. She gives him a time travel briefcase, but with a catch: They only have 90 minutes to use it, and not everyone is ready to go. Allison is attacked by the Swedish duo while bidding her husband goodbye. She manages to rumor one to kill the other. Klaus allows Ben to possess his body but under strict conditions. While digging a grave for Elliott, Diego is drugged by Lila -- now the Head of Security at The Commission after The Handler usurps the top position -- and is taken to her office and introduced to her mom as her boyfriend. Vanya is threatened by Karl via emotional blackmail involving Harlan. She hastily convinces Sissy to run away with her after a staredown with Five, but the two women are intercepted by Karl’s brother from the Texas police force. She initially bests the three men with her powers but one catches her unaware and knocks her out cold. The siblings miss their time window and are left stuck in the 60’s.

Luther and Diego are not really the brightest in the bunch, now, are they? I died laughing in that Öga Förröga phone call scene. It was so lowkey hilarious. Anyway, we still have three episodes to go after this, so it’s probably naïve to think that they will actually be getting back to their original timeline here and now. I guess that also means we will be witnessing another apocalypse coming to pass. Anyway, this chapter also made me realize how Allison is the most powerful among the siblings. She can basically bend reality with just three words, although her powers are kind of restricted by space and the functionality of her vocal cords. My favorite scene here is definitely that staredown between Vanya and Five. While I am loving her newfound confidence, she just ended up being too cocky, but she immediately learns that the hard way so no issues. There are still just so many subplots to resolve with regards to their appearance here in the 60’s.

“Who I am is not a disease.” –Vanya

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