Friday, July 31, 2020

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 14

14. The Majestic 12
London, 1993. A young Lila witnesses the murder of her parents in the hands of The Handler and an unidentified assassin. She takes her in and trains her hard. In 1960, she is told about the Swedes as well as her primary mission of protecting Five at all costs. Vanya returns to the farm after finding out from Luther that she is the reason for the apocalypse. She tries to abandon Sissy and Harlan for their safety, but the latter runs away and almost drowns. Vanya saves him with her powers and later locks lips with his mom. Luther loses his job and, looking for Five, goes to the house of Elliott (Kevin Rankin) who has been helping Five since he arrived. Ray shuns Allison believing she is in cahoots with the police. Klaus returns to his drinking habit after his mission with Dave goes awry. Five, Diego, and Lila attend a party at the Mexican consulate where the Majestic 12, a group their father belongs to, will meet. There Diego meets a human Grace, their father’s date that night, before they are attacked by the three blondes.

If The Handler wanted to protect Leonard at all costs in Season 1 because he was the fuse for the apocalypse, does that mean that Five will be the reason this time around? Otherwise, why does he need to be protected? So far the only clue is that file The Handler was holding while in the tub with Five and who I suppose is his older self on it. Another interesting development is Papa Hargreeves. What is this Majestic 12? They talk about Roswell in the meeting, so I’m guessing it’s an elite club dealing with the occult. They are defo not with the government given how negatively they view JFK. Is it too early to assume that they are not working for The Commission, either? And of course, what is that foreign language line Five was yelling to him at the driveway? Color me intrigued. But the most heartwarming take-away from this episode is the revelation that their Mom was indeed a real human being in the 60’s. It’s sad but it seems something tragic will be happening to her for her to become a robot in the future. Diego, you Mama’s boy.

“Frogs are bitches and we don't deal with terrorists.” –Klaus

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