Friday, July 31, 2020

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 16

16. A Light Supper
Allison admits the truth to Ray and they have a field day using her powers for personal benefit and revenge. The plan backfires, though, as he becomes suspicious whether she ever used her powers on him. Klaus tries to do away with his cult, but they latch onto him even stronger than before. Young Dave (Calem MacDonald) pays him a visit informing him about his enlistment to the military earlier than he should’ve, meaning their actions are changing the timeline. The Handler offers Five and his siblings a way back to 2019 if he kills The Commission’s board members for her as a plan for a coup. The siblings meet their father for a light supper, but he is still dismissive despite seeing their powers in action. He advises Five to take baby steps: time travel in seconds or minutes instead of decades. Hopeless, Five accepts The Handler’s offer. She gives the two remaining Swedes the location of Five’s residence. They find Elliott there, torture and murder him, then leave a message in his blood saying “An eye for an eye” in Swedish.

Ooh, that is cathartic AF, Allison rumoring her way all day. However, you can also see her hesitance to use her powers given the repercussions. One scene that particularly got stuck in my head in this episode is Klaus’ cult, because people like that do exist in real life. It’s a genuine source of bewilderment how people allow themselves to fall prey to demagogues who are obviously just conning them. It is enlightening as well because that entire sequence further reinforces that glitch in the human psyche. At this point we can argue that for some, it is just a simple case of idiocy, yet I believe that for many it is the convenience of blind fanaticism that fuels such behavior. It is a mixture of desperation and denial, to be honest. Anyway, I love how Klaus’ powers are continuing to evolve. It seems as though he is the only sibling experiencing such upgrade, what with Ben being able to possess him now. I hope Ben will get more relevance in the storyline this time around with this new plot device. No answers about Lila yet!

“Man's biggest flaw. The illusion of control.” –Reginald Hargreeves

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