Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stranger Things: Episode 25

25. The Battle of Starcourt
El gets to extract the infection out of her leg. Hopper, Joyce, and Murray arrive. Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica drive to his makeshift communications tower on the hill to get good signal enough to reach the adults at the mall’s basement and guide them to the key. Billy ambushes the kids and the Flayed monster attacks. Steve and Robin drive back just in time to rescue the rest but El, Mike, and Max are cornered by Billy. Billy takes El to the monster to be turned into one of them. Everyone retaliates with fireworks. Billy comes to his senses just in time to sacrifice himself. Murray goes through the ventilation system to the room where he can deactivate the mall’s power source. Hopper’s code to the vault is wrong, but Dustin gets to contact Suzie, who gives them the Planck’s Constant which serves as the code. Hopper is ambushed by the Russian thug at the lab where the machine is. Joyce hesitantly triggers the keys, making the machine explode, seemingly incinerating Hopper. The Mind Flayer dies. El is adopted by the Byers and they move out of Hawkins.

It’s been a good season so far, arguably the best one yet. Hey, that’s a compliment! I remember Season 1 when the first three episodes were just so slow before everything picked up eventually. But then again, we didn’t know them then. The emotional investment to the characters is much greater now. And now, the dead. Billy ends up with a redemption arc after all. His death is probably not as controversial and bemoaned by netizens as Barb’s, but it will be remembered. Hopper is the surprise casualty. He’s been there since episode one and his fatherhood arc with El is just starting. It would have been nice to see more of that since both have been longing for family members that they could no longer be with. Now that the Byers and Eleven have moved out of Hawkins, we can only wonder how they will come together again for Season 4. Since Hawkins is Ground Zero, perhaps they will always just convene there. But who will be opening the damn gate this time around? The Russians are out. Who else can the enemy be? Surprise me.

"What, you're just going to walk in there like it's commie Disneyland or something?" –Erica

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