Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stranger Things: Episode 23

23. E Pluribus Unum
Nancy is cornered by the Upside Down creature in a hospital room. Jonathan tries in vain to save her until El and the gang show up and she gives the Mind Flayer a beating. From there, they watch as the creature turns into a blob and ventures into the sewers back to the mill, where it informs Billy that it’s time. Robin and Steve are caught and tortured by the Russians but Dustin and Erica manage to escape. They cause a distraction using the vials of green goo to melt a hole in the ground before they rescue the two who are now under the influence of a truth serum. Alexei tells Hopper and Joyce through Murray that the Russians are trying to open a portal to another world, and they quickly realize what he is talking about. Hopper calls for backup, so they can storm the facility. El uses her powers to find Billy and she does find him and gets a glimpse of his tragic past which has led to him being chosen as a host for the Mind Flayer. He warns her that she shouldn’t have searched for him, before the Flayed convene at the mill to form one big monster.

There goes Billy’s backstory, not quite a redemption arc but enough to justify that theory that behind every asshole is a tragic experience that transforms a person into one. It’s a good character arc for someone who didn’t seem to have any purpose other than replace Steve as the resident douchebag. In other news, perhaps Steve and Robin are now official, which is a welcome development because a lot of people like her. The character is useful and easily likable. I mean, we already have Nancy and El to raise the flag of the girls but given the setting of this show, then that makes it even more empowering. I just wish that El can also have a superpowered backup. She is number eleven after all, right? Where are the other ten? We’ve only seen Kali so far. It would be nice to see her and other superpowered tweens battle this Upside Down monster. It must be tiring to be the resident human weapon to call every time someone tries to open the gate to the Upside Down. Two episodes to go! I don’t want this season to end yet!

"You remind him of Fat Rambo." –Murray

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