Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stranger Things: Episode 24

24. The Bite
Joyce and Hopper take Murray and Alexei to the 4th of July fair to find the kids. The mayor sees them and calls the Russians who arrive there just in time to give Joyce and Hopper a chase before fatally shooting Alexei. The three leave the dead doctor there and drive away to escape. As the rest of Hawkins celebrate Independence Day, El and the gang see the giant Upside Down monster fast approaching them at Hopper’s cabin. They lock themselves inside. With Nancy holding a shotgun and Lucas/Jonathan wielding an ax, they help El dismember the monster, but not without her getting wounded. They break into a convenience store to recuperate and gather supplies before going to the mall to rescue Dustin and company, whom El finds telepathically. As Steve and the gang are cornered by the Russians, El’s group arrives just in time to rescue them, flinging a car at the Russian thugs and killing them. It doesn’t take long before she collapses to the ground, revealing that her wound somehow got infected by the Mind Flayer.

Oops, the Steve/Robin ship just sank. I didn’t see that coming. Apparently, Robin liked a girl who liked Steve. LGBTQ+ represent! Well, maybe she is bisexual, so we can still root for this team-up in the future. Or pair her with Nancy for something new. Right? And two teams merge once more! Team El earlier merged with Team Jonathancy and now they have merged with Team Starcourt Mall. We only have two main subplots to follow now so far, which is just fitting because this is the second to the last episode. It’s too bad to see Alexei die. The fun was just beginning as he and Murray make fun of Joyce. How will they get to the key now? Anyway, it looks like the climax will be unfolding at the mall after all now that all the kids are there. As for the fight scene earlier, at least the other tweens were able to help with human weapons, but this is what makes it all frustrating because El just serves as some Deus-Ex-Machina of sorts. Nobody can really die because she just saves them anyway. Let’s see if they kill someone off at the finale.

"Why don't you two cut the horse shit and get to the part where you admit your sexual feelings for one another." –Murray

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