Sunday, May 5, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 4

8.4 The Last of the Starks
Mourning, what remains of the North celebrate their victory against death. Gendry is made a lord. Bronn irons out a deal with the Lannister brothers. Jaime sleeps with Brienne. Tormund leads the free folk back to the north. Sam and a pregnant Gilly stay behind to start a family. Sansa cautions against being hasty in the face of a depleted army but the Dragon Queen prefers to strike while the iron is hot. She begs Jon Snow to keep his identity a secret, witnessing how everyone looks at him with the same admiration she enjoyed in Essos, but not in Westeros. Jon tells Arya and Sansa, who tells Tyrion, who tells Varys. As the secret slowly spreads, loyalties splinter. Daenerys and her navy are ambushed by Euron’s superior fleet and recovering Rhaegal plunges to his death into the sea amidst a torrent of ballistas. Missandei is taken hostage by Cersei and is decapitated during the two queens' standoff, paving the way for an impending bloodshed King’s Landing has not yet seen before.

I don’t know, bruh. The Legend of Dragon Mama from Season 1 up to now has been like a series of interconnected Chuck Norris urban legends, but it's so obvious how the writers are already setting this up to be an Aegon Targaryen victory. It’s hard to watch, like a prodigy figure skater slaying in the Sectionals, Regionals, Nationals, Worlds. Heck, even the Grand Prix. Only to botch that final triple axel at the Olympics and end up missing the podium entirely. It’s hard to face off with Queen Bitch because her humanity already died with her children a long time ago. An imaginary baby will not change that. She IS dead. She’s just waiting for a final lethal blow. Had Dragon Mama done her research then she would’ve realized what her rival doesn’t have that she does. A reason to live. For what it’s worth, that cliffhanger face-off was worth the wait. In true Game of Thrones fashion, it just keeps you at the edge of your seat. Get ready to mourn more dead next week before all of this wraps up.

“Without Little Finger and Ramsay and the rest, I would have stayed a little bird all my life.” –Sansa Stark

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