Sunday, April 28, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 3

8.3 The Long Night
A solitary figure in red approaches on horseback. The Dothraki raise their weapons as Melisandre sets their blades ablaze, illuminating the dark night. As they charge and fall, the Unsullied hold their ground. Daenerys and Jon mount their dragons and rain fire from above, but a blinding snowstorm soon envelopes Winterfell. In the absence of dragon fire, Melisandre lights up the trench, but the Wights easily break through via suicide. Lyanna Mormont falls defending the castle, taking down a wight giant with her. Beric sacrifices his life for Arya. Daenerys seemingly loses another dragon and a final Dracarys could’ve been the final blow, but the Night King emerges unscathed from the flames. Ser Jorah dies for his queen. The Ironborn protect Bran as he wargs into a murder of crows to nobody knows where. As Theon gives his life for Bran, Arya leaps out of nowhere to save her brother and ends up in a stranglehold by the Night King himself. Dropping her blade and catching it with her free hand, she lethally impales death himself, decimating his army.

FUCK THIS. Baby Girl Stark for the Iron Throne! SHE IS ON FIRE. Jesus Christ, cue in Alicia Keys. The Battle of Winterfell is dark and full of terrors. Literally dark and literally full of terrors. It was hard to watch because of that and because of what’s at stake. With plot development opting for convenience in lieu of coherence, we still get a pleasant surprise here and there as those who seem to have nothing to contribute step forward to save the day, with varying outcomes. Even then, the resolution leaves a pill that is too bitter to swallow. So you are telling me that after 8 season of shit going down, Queen Bitch and her new boy toy are the big bad all along? Don’t get me wrong, my love and hate relationship with Cersei is beyond words but in every epic story, man versus nature/supernatural trumps man versus man as the main type of narrative conflict most of the time. With three episodes left, everything suddenly felt so anti-climactic. Just my two cents, don’t kill me.

“What do we say to the God of Death?” –Melisandre

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