Sunday, May 12, 2019

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 8/Episode 5

8.5 The Bells
Varys persuades Jon to take the throne as he arrives at King’s Landing, but his persistence ends in a fiery demise as Daenerys executes him for treason. Jaime is intercepted by the Unsullied trying to get in and is held prisoner. Tyrion sets him free and makes a deal with Davos to smuggle him to Essos, hopefully with Cersei in tow, to avoid the impending bloodshed. Distraught and agitated, Daenerys abandons all reason and chooses to rule based on fear, mercilessly striking the capital. As Drogon sets everything and everyone ablaze, the bell tolls signaling surrender. Consumed by rage, Daenerys lays waste anyway, sparing nothing and no one. Arya decides to no longer pursue Cersei and survives all the mayhem. Qyburn becomes collateral damage in the final death match between the brothers Clegane. Jon and his army fall back. Jaime is heavily wounded by Euron en route to Cersei but manages to kill his adversary. He reaches her as the Red Keep falls apart. Trapped in the dungeon with no point of exit, the siblings die locked in each other’s arms.

Well someone just went full arsonist retard. After all no one can sit on the Iron Throne if there is no Iron Throne. Right? It’s kind of disappointing to build this all up for almost a decade, though, just to settle for a nihilistic ending, but perhaps it is amidst all the destruction that the basic human qualities we all share, regardless of our beliefs and motivations, get to really shine through. This should have been the reason for the existence of the Zombies, but in their early exit, someone defo had step up to play Big Bad. It just so happened to be the person who was led to believe all her life that she was destined to be the Hero. Mad Queen theory fulfilled in exchange for a spectacle of fire power that will make Michael Bay proud. If Drogon and his Mama could single-handedly obliterate King’s Landing all along, why didn’t they do so from the very beginning? Perhaps this is just a way for the directors to show that everyone has a dark side, and that darkness can consume you whole if you let it simmer in an environment conducive to it? 8 seasons down in flames. Hooray?

“They say that every time a Targaryen is born, the gods toss a coin and the world holds its breath.” –Varys

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