Friday, February 15, 2019

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 9

9. Changes
The boys manage to bring Allison back to Pogo and Grace in time to save her life, but her vocal cords are severely damaged. Vanya discovers Reginald’s diary in Leonard’s possessions and confronts him about his manipulation of her. He tries to come clean then taunts her when he fails. She kills him with her powers. Diego, Klaus, and Five find Leonard’s dead body in his apartment. Five concludes he’s the owner of the prosthetic eye. When Allison wakes up, Pogo and Grace admit the truth about Vanya’s powers to her and Luther. Hazel visits Five at the mansion to help stop the apocalypse but he is informed that it has been averted with Leonard’s death. He happily goes back to Agnes whom he finds tied to a chair. A battle with Cha-Cha ensues, interrupted by the stopping of time signaling the appearance of the Handler with a briefcase on hand. Vanya returns to the mansion and is imprisoned by Luther in her soundproof cage, much to the disapproval of their siblings, including Allison. Vanya manages to break free, embracing her powers full-on.

I believe I’ve got this figured out, finally! Vanya is THE apocalypse. The note from The Commission did say to protect Jenkins, but that was a few episodes ago. What if he already accomplished what he was meant to accomplish, which is awaken Vanya’s powers? From the looks of it, girl has gone full-on berserk, and what happens when a superhero with uncontrollable powers breaks free? They wreak havoc, dude. I guess we are going to witness an epic finale. Vanya has been the antagonist all along. I would call her a villain, but that’s just so unfair because she is not. We can argue that the villain here is Papa Hargreeves. After all, he is the mastermind of this whole Umbrella Academy thingy. I will only change my mind if they come up with a clear explanation saying that he knew somehow that an apocalypse would come. But yeah, who knows. Maybe the season finale still has some surprises left for us. So far, I can say that this series picks up about halfway through the season. I just can’t stop binging it anymore!

“You just Patrick Swayze'd me. How did you do that?” –Klaus

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