Friday, February 15, 2019

The Umbrella Academy: Episode 5

5. Number Five
Five lives a few decades stuck in an apocalyptic future until a woman dressed to the nines appears in front of him. She calls herself The Handler (Kate Walsh), the head of a commission in charge of preserving the balance of time continuum. She recruits him as one of their time-hopping assassins, but he breaks his contract by returning to his family’s timeline to prevent the apocalypse. A disgruntled Klaus comes back after time-traveling to 1968 and staying there for a year. He destroys Hazel and Cha-Cha’s time machine before teaming up with Diego to seek revenge on the duo while Luther and Five set a trap for them, too. Five manages to summon The Handler again, making a deal that he’ll go back to work for them in a management position if his siblings are made to survive the apocalypse. Vanya auditions for a now vacated first chair position and gets it after embracing her new meds-free life. Somewhere in Leonard’s attic lies Reginald Hargreeve’s missing diary. Allison’s suspicions about her sister's new boytoy might be true after all.

Hmmm, so Vanya has powers after all? So far, the only tangible manifestation is that mist thingy that surrounded her during the audition and as she was getting it on with Leonard. What power that might be, specifically, is yet to be seen. But who is this Leonard guy anyway? What is his motive in all of this? I mean, I understand Allison playing the protective big sister role, but if Vanya does have powers, why the need to activate it? Are there warlocks on this show? Is Leonard a warlock? Is he going to steal Vanya’s powers? I guess all of these questions will be answered soon with the appearance of Papa Hargreeve’s diary. After all, we’re already halfway done with the season. The answers should start coming soon! Anyway, I like how the screenplay allows the siblings to bond one pair at a time. Vanya and Allison. Diego and Klaus. Luther and Five. Obviously, all of them will be battling the apocalypse together so I am looking forward to that, in particular how their specific power sets will be utilized harmoniously to defeat the big bad.

“I work for an organization called The Commission. We are tasked with the preservation of the time continuum through manipulation and removals. ” –The Handler

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