Friday, July 15, 2016

Stranger Things: Episode 8

8. The Upside Down
Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) interrogates Joyce, but she refuses to cooperate. Hopper negotiates with them to let him and her enter the Upside Down to find Will, in exchange for the kids’ location. Nancy and Jonathan go back to his house and booby-trap it. Steve comes by to make amends. The monster finally shows up and chases them before disappearing again. Steve flees, but decides to come back, helping them injure the monster. The bad guys arrive at the school and El psychokinetically kills many of them, but Brenner still gets to her. The bloodbath attracts the monster and the boys are cornered in a classroom. El sacrifices her life killing the creature she herself has brought to this world. Hopper and Joyce find Will and revive him just in time. The gang is complete once again. A month later, Nancy and Steve are back together. They give Jonathan a new camera for Christmas. Hopper leaves some food in a small wooden box in the woods. Will vomits a slug in the bathroom, getting flashes of the other dimension he was rescued from.

Argh, these bad guys are really sinister. Or maybe they are just very good personifications of the government? I look forward to the monster mauling that Martin Brenner jerk, as well as his old lady accomplice who has a very infuriating resting bitch face. This is all their fault anyway. Oh, good job, El. Blood on the resting bitch face, now that’s cathartic. And wow, wish granted! So fast! When the monster lunged at Brenner, I was like YEEEEEEESSSS! I bet it’s the same exhilarating feeling football fantards get when their favorite team scores a goal. Steve, dude, make up your mind? Oh, good timing. At least you now have a purpose in the grander scheme of things. And they are totally diving into the whole parallel universe concept now, with the characters existing in different planes at the same time, and their paths crossing without them totally knowing. The ending is intriguing to say the least. It looks like Will still has a connection to that parallel universe. Are there more alien thingies waiting for him back there? Season 2!

"Goodbye, Mike." –Eleven

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