Friday, July 15, 2016

Stranger Things: Episode 4

4. The Body
Will’s body is positively identified at the morgue, but Joyce isn’t convinced her son is dead. El lets Mike listen to Will singing on the walkie-talkie. At the lab, a guy in a hazmat suit enters what seems to be a breathing alien specimen on the wall. He reports back moments later, then panics, before they totally lose him. The police interrogate Nancy about Barbara and inform her that she could’ve gone back home that night and ran away afterwards because her car is now nowhere to be found. She approaches Jonathan and they redevelop the photo, revealing the image of a creature that fits his mom’s description of what she saw on their wall. The boys sneak El into the school radio station so she can track Will better. They hear him crying for help, just as Joyce sees him on the wall after tearing up the wallpaper. Chief Hopper does a bit more digging and breaks into the morgue. He finds out that “Will’s body” is fake and stuffed with cotton. He then returns to the lab and starts cutting the barbed wire so he can get in.

It’s on, guys. You just have to be patient with episodes 1 and 2. Things start to get interesting by episode 3. Winona Ryder has been hysterical since day one, and it’s quite difficult to watch. But damn, she’s doing a really good job. You can really feel her distress, and you just root for her because you know she’s on to something even if everyone else thinks she’s cuckoo. It’s so obvious that everything is just a cover-up, which leads me to my next question. Are they really covering this up or do they just want us to believe that they are covering it up? They are covering it up. Nah, they are totally covering it up. Hopper just confirmed it. Even Barbara’s car disappearing is so obvious and suspicious. Like, doh. Anyway, I feel bad for Mommy Wheeler. If Mommy Byers has been hysterical since the pilot episode, Mommy Wheeler has been trying to play the cool mom since then, but her kids just have issues and won’t let her be there for them. Teenagers. I love her Farrah Fawcett hairstyle, BTW. Even the soundtrack is oozing with nostalgia!

"I know it sounds crazy. I sound crazy. You think I don’t know that? It is crazy!" –Joyce Byers

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