Friday, July 15, 2016

Stranger Things: Episode 6

6. The Monster
Following Jonathan’s voice, Nancy finds the exit and he pulls her back just in time before it totally closes. She asks him to sleep over at her house because she doesn’t want to be alone. Steve sees them from the window. He and his friends then go around town slut shaming her, until she finds them and a fight ensues between the two boys, with Jonathan ending up in jail. Joyce and Chief Hopper team up to track the mother of the girl the lab was accused of abducting years ago, but she’s mostly catatonic now. Her sister reveals that she was experimented upon and that she had a miscarriage in her third trimester. Dustin wants Mike and Lucas to patch things up, but their differences about El remain strong. Now on her own, she enters a grocery and steals food supplies, using her powers to deter the staff. The bullies ambush Dustin and Mike at the quarry, threatening the former with a knife to his throat unless the latter jumps into the lake, which he does. He finds himself floating in midair, with El coming to their rescue.

Guys, just let Lucas go to the gate so he can die there. Seriously, he’s so fucking annoying. But at least his stubbornness seems to be leading to something good. I just love how almost every character here has a contribution to plot development. I LOOOOOVE ELLLLLLL. Hahaha. I don’t know, but every kid bullied in school would want to have that superpower. Why are the kids in this show so annoying anyway? You hold a knife to another kid’s throat because you pissed your pants at school? Seriously? That’s fucked up. And I thought millennials were crazy. Steve is a jerk. I mean, the teen has a redeeming quality but he doesn’t seem to have any relevance in the bigger picture. If anything, his character is an obstacle to a specific plot point we’re all interested in, which is finding the monster. I was actually shipping him and Nancy in the beginning but it looks like the directors want a Nancy-Jonathan team-up now. Well, it better be them so they can keep the story flowing by tracking that monster. Two episodes left! This show is awesome.

"But no one ever says anything until you both start punching and yelling at each other like goblins with intelligence scores of zero." –Dustin Henderson

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