Sunday, June 19, 2016

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 6/Episode 9

6.9 Battle of the Bastards
The masters of Slaver’s Bay continue their naval barrage of Meereen. Daenerys takes care of the armada with her three dragons, while Daario leads the Dothraki horde in ending the Sons of the Harpy rebellion down below. The Greyjoys arrive with 100 hundred ships and a proposal. Snow and Bolton dissuade each other from going to war, but neither one backs down. Sansa argues that Rickon, being the true heir to Winterfell, is as good as dead in Ramsay’s hands. Ser Davos discovers the spot where Shireen was burned to death. Rickon is freed before the battle and asked to run to his brother. Jon rushes on horseback to save him, but comes too late as Ramsay shoots an arrow through the youngest Stark’s heart. Their forces are cornered helpless until Sansa arrives with Petyr, and the Knights of the Vale as reinforcements. Wun Wun the giant dies in the siege of Winterfell. Surrounded, Ramsay is beaten to a pulp by Jon Snow. Kept as a prisoner, he doesn’t live long, as Sansa exacts her revenge feeding him to his hounds.

Boys, WTF? You do know that Dragon Mama has three grown up dragons, right? And you dare dictate the terms? And then one minute later you beg for mercy? WTF? Seriously? WTF? But damn, I just love the instant rapport between Yara and Dragon Mama. I guess their similarities in terms of family history and political ambitions made it easier for both of them to relate to one another that fast. Anyway, Jon Snow has my sympathies. You’re finally dead and resting and free from all the shitty problems of this world. And then they bring you back to fight their battles for them? Fuck you all, dudes? That’s one hell of a trauma that will surely scar you for life. Anyway, this episode is brilliant. That one long continuous shot featuring Jon Snow against the world is a cinematic masterpiece, and that stampede scene felt so real I myself felt like suffocating. With Rickon dead I guess that leaves Bran as the last true Winterfell heir, but I don’t think he’ll be king. Let the women rule. Vote for Dragon Mama, Yara, and Sansa in the next election, guys!

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.” –Sansa Stark

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