Sunday, June 26, 2016

[LIMA] Shopping by the Pacific

It was Sunday morning. No rain was falling but my sore throat was back with a vengeance, even though it wasn’t as strong as before. I knew I should have taken more than two paracetamols in the last 24 hours. The agenda for the day was simple: Go malling at Larcomar. If you Google shopping malls in Lima, two names always come up in the results, this one included. The other one has the word “Jockey” in it and looks really fancy but I only had time for one. I chose Larcomar because it’s right there at the coast.

I was really amused by the fact that the mall was open air and facing the Pacific Ocean. As such, it was killing two birds with one stone: sightseeing and shopping at the same time. The area is called Miraflores which along with San Isidro seem to be the two most popular neighborhoods in the capital. I really liked the vibe of the place. If ever I move to Lima, I’ll defo live there, right next to the ocean! But like I already told everyone else, I like Lima, but it’s just too far away already. Let’s just stay in Mexico City.

If you want to splurge, the JW Marriott is just across the street from the mall. The mall itself is not that visible from the street because you have to go down a flight of stairs in order to reach it. What you will see when you get off the cab is a park, very green and replete with people just having a good time and chilling. You will also find a stall where you can rent bicycles, which I think is a very good option because the coast is full of nice parks that you can explore. I wasn’t able to ask how much the rent is, though.

Go down the escalator and you’ll find yourself at TGIF, which means time for steak! Make sure you are dressed warmly because as I said, the place is open air. The mall has this reputation of being a tourist trap but I think that only applies if you end up shopping. The views of the ocean and the winding road along the coast are plain awesome and I think for that alone you really have to go. They also have a cinema and a theater if you feel like watching something.

As for me, I ended up at the bookstore. Gee, how predictable? I have this dream of bringing home a truckload of books from every country I go to so my personal library can grow but I forgot that I don’t have a permanent address to speak off. That means excess baggage in life, you know. If you're looking for reading material in Spanish, that bookstore is well equipped to suit your needs. And then you can go to the food court later on for yet another meal! Woohoo.

Or you can take selfies first. You are better off on higher ground, so I suggest you go to the stairs overlooking the bay and snap your souvenir photo on the topmost area leading out to the park. There you can capture the beach and the landscape down below which says Miraflores en tu corazon or something. You can go down the beach if you want to but don’t expect white sand and pristine waters. The main attraction here is the stroll, not the beach itself. I also saw someone with a surf board!

The mall has free WiFi if you need to call an Uber. The driver drove along the coastal road and the views were terrific. That’s the point where I regretted being sick. Any other day and I would have easily spent three to four hours just walking along that beach. We also passed by a cobblestoned section of the road before reaching the coast which the driver said used to be a part of a tramway back in the good old days. I so love Miraflores. Maybe I’ll just come back next time so I can enjoy it more.

[LIMA] Shopping by the Pacific

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