Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 9

9. All I Want for Christmas Is You
Becca breaks up with Kevin in 2004 after Lolly ends their friendship. In the past (current timeline), she sees Kevin coming out of Lolly’s room the morning after the rave, but nothing really happened between the two of them. He slept on the floor and the effects of E wearing down meant she was incoherent all night. They go out on a date, but he tells her that she’s more like a sister to him. Becca chastises him and throws him out. Lolly gets mad at her for doing so. She throws a party for her to make amends and runs into Jaime, who’s not just back from the Dominican Republic but also looks dapper and with a "decent job" to match. Lolly invites Kevin. Jaime suggests that they make him jealous, but it doesn’t work because he just leaves anyway. The two of them end up making out. Sean crashes the party and goes on annoying Paige. She admits that she likes him, and they lock lips. The magazine Becca works for sells out in 30 minutes after hitting the stands, thanks to her viral marketing. Kevin stalks her on the rooftop later on, before admitting his feelings and kissing her.

Okay, that’s another detour, but a rather positive one. It looks like Jaime is not going down a destructive path anymore. You know what would be interesting, though? WHAT IF this Jaime is also from the future? I mean, that would be fun, right? That’s what they did in Tru Calling, sort of. But I guess things are not what they seem. With the heaps of cash that Lolly discovers in his room, he’s still into drugs, except that he’s also a pusher now. Or a courier? That’s still bad. As for Beccevin, the flashback (or flash forward?) reveals that their breakup was abrupt and caused more by guilt rather than a third party or irreconcilable differences. Maybe they should end up together, especially now that Andy suddenly disappeared from the scene. I am still wondering how they are going to wrap this up with just one episode left. Will there be a glimpse of a different future? Is she going to relive her life or is she going back where she came from? I hope we get some answers in Episode 10. Or at least, a clue!

Stuck With Me (Green Day)
Runaway Train (Soul Asylum)

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