Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 10

10. Auld Lang Syne
Paige gets an acting job and is moving to LA soon. Sean gets a break with his art pieces making it to an exhibit. Lolly walks in on Becca and Kevin kissing, throws a fit, and storms out of the house. Melanie invites Becca to her engagement party to Andy. The two get married right there, catching her off-guard. Lolly comes back after the holidays, moves on, and gives Becca her blessing to pursue Kevin. Jamie finds his room ransacked, with all his money and merchandise gone. He spirals out of control. He confesses to his dad, says goodbye too Lolly after telling her he loves her, and takes off to no one knows where. Attending a 1996 New Year’s eve party, Becca mentions something which leads Lolly to figure out that this love triangle is what exactly ended their friendship in the future. The same confrontation ensues, and she leaves again, perhaps for good. Not knowing what to do, Becca takes the elevator ride, begging to get back to the future. As the door opens, she curiously stares at the sight in front of her. Is she back in 2015?

Good news: VH1 renewed this show for a 2nd season. Bad news: That decision got nullified following a change in management. Wishful thinking: Netflix can always step in and save the day. In which timeline did that elevator door open? Is she back in 2015? Is she still in 1995? I admit that the curiosity is killing me, and there are so many loose ends that still need to be fixed. The thing is, this ending is already perfect as it is. The writers crafted it in a way that if they don’t get renewed for another season, the viewer can decide for himself as to what conclusion he sees fit. However, it’s still so tempting to get to watch a second season where she’s finally back in the future but everything has changed due to the repercussions of her time travel. I guess that’s the logical path to follow after all of this mess, right? Anyway, I’m still going to watch it if ever it gets a second lease on life. I like the premise and how it feeds my nostalgia. I’ve also come to love the characters. I feel like an invisible part of their gang! Had a good time!

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