Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 8

8. The Imaginary Line
Becca avoids Kevin like the plague, but the universe find a way for them to spend more time together. Lolly asks her about the future with Kevin, and she tells her that nothing happened between the two of them because she never admitted her feelings. Flashbacks (or flash-forwards, technically) reveal that Becca and Kevin will become close in 2003 while she’s still married to Sean, and eventually they will elope in 2004, which means friendship over for her and Lolly. Sean pursues Paige and they both get a side job waiting tables at an art gallery function. The night doesn’t end well for her when she catches him making out with someone else, with him explaining that he’s free to go out with anyone given how she’s been rejecting hi for two weeks now anyway. Lolly buys E to get rid of her inhibitions with Kevin. When Becca sees her mustering the courage to kiss him at the rave, she feels optimistic that it would be a new future for them and that their friendship will remain intact. Kevin decides to stay in New York.

Hahaha, so Becca is now the mother of Viral Marketing? It’s cool to see how that will play out in a time period pre-Facebook. Okay, so Beccevin happened way later in the other timeline. Now she should choose between him or Lolly, but it’s good to see that she’s valuing her BFF more this time around. I mean, in the future where she’s from it didn’t seem that they had a happy ending. Otherwise, why will she be marrying Andy, right? It’s tempting to want her to just tell Lolly everything so that they have a clear understanding of future events on the get go, but thinking about it now, that didn’t work with the Lolly-Jamie subplot. In fact, Jamie is still on track for OD. BUT, the teasers show him being around for the holidays, which didn’t happen in the other timeline. Anyway, I am still satisfied with the way the show is being handled. The balance between predestination and free will is still good. It’s the season finale I am worried about. These writers usually screw it up and fall at the last hurdle. In any case, it’s been an enjoyable series to watch.

A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)
Come Away With Me (Norah Jones)

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