Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 6

6. Tragic Kingdom
Becca blames herself for Andy’s car accident, while everyone wonders what he was doing at the Jersey turnpike. Her dad finds out about her thing with him and he consoles her. Lolly continues to give Jamie the cold treatment, then bails on him to be with Becca at her time of need. She suggests that Becca take a gamble with Andy and tells her that maybe it’s not her fault after all. Melanie then blames herself for the accident, telling Becca that Andy was going after her to her parents’ house when he had the accident. And now Becca is more confused than ever, not knowing what was going on in Andy’s mind before the accident, until he admits to her that he WAS going to the Lakehouse. She then tells him that he’s better off and safer with Melanie. He doesn’t take it well, but decides to move on, and apologizes to his girlfriend. Lolly breaks up with Jamie, but he still pursues her. It doesn’t work. She calls Kevin. Paige and Sean bond over her play rehearsal at his place. He promises to go see her play, until Becca shows up at his doorstep.

Maybe he’s just a bad driver? HAHAHA. Lolly is the voice of reason in this show and sometimes it appears as though she knows more than everyone else, even Becca who should be the know-it-all. It’s ironic how the protagonist is slowly becoming the antagonist, screwing up the lives of everyone around her. Thinking about it armed with the knowledge of what’s going to happen in the future, maybe it’d be better if she just gets back with Sean. It seems to be the path with the least collateral damage, BEFORE she time traveled. Now there’s a Paige involved and it’s no longer a clean shot. I didn’t like this episode that much because there was just too much drama, what with people breaking up and blaming one another for all the shit happening in their lives. I guess that’s reality for you, eh? Get some pointers, at least. If ever you find yourself taking an elevator ride to the past one day, try to bargain with the universe for more answers, although I think that’s moot. She will end up in the present timeline. All just a dream! I can feel it.

Precious Things (Tori Amos)
Please Don't Go (KWS)

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