Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 7

7. The Cranberries
Becca hooks up with Sean. Despite thinking that she has made the right decision, things just never feel right like they used to, no matter how much she tries to convince herself that they are. The Kellys come over to the Bradys’ to celebrate Thanksgiving. The atmosphere is still awkward between Andy and Sean, and Becca and Melanie. Andy proposes to Melanie in front of everyone, and Becca is really affected. Andy tries hard to keep his distance from Becca, but obviously still has feelings for her. Jamie is chastised by their dad for screwing up his college life. With the mounting pressure, he copes by ramping up his drug dependency. He leaves for the Dominican Republic, which was the same trip in the future that eventually led to his overdose. Phoebe arrives late, with her future husband Courtney. Sean leaves Becca for Paige. Kevin finally visits Lolly, but it is Becca who gets the door. Her eyes light up. With certain events happening and not happening in this timeline, she is more confused than ever, and just gives up trying to play god.

That wasn’t just sex. YES, it was. OUCH. Buuurn??? IT’S TERRIFYING. Yeah, let’s go on and blame the universe. It’s getting really confusing, though, all these curve balls “destiny” is throwing her way. But that look on her face when she meets that Kevin guy for the first time says a lot, which is probably what will cause her and Lolly to no longer be friends in the future. But yeah, did I say confusing? If in the other past timeline Lolly was with Jamie and Becca was with Kevin, then why did their friendship end? In spite of all the questions and the requisite mindfuck, I still like this show. This certain episode is also full of drama, but effectively masked with dry wit and lots of sarcasm, which made it tolerable to watch. Everyone is just being a bad biatch in this episode, and it’s cathartic like that. Hopefully, they can give us a good season finale with just three episodes to go. I am also hoping that we can at least get a clue if she will stay in the new timeline or go back to the future. Curiosity...

Suck My Kiss (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
All I Want Is You (U2)

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