Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 2

2. Square One
Sean follows Becca to the bar and a confrontation ensues. Lolly tries to find movies about time travel at the VHS rental where she works, and they end up with Back to the Future. Becca now has a trauma when it comes to sleeping and using elevators, fearing that she might suddenly wake up back in 2015. She dares her boss to make her a VP, but it doesn’t work. She quits. Her parents chastise her for costing them a lot of money for canceling the wedding. Lolly makes out with Becca’s brother Jamie (John Patrick Amedori) again in spite of Becca’s warning about her breaking his heart. Becca sends back all her wedding gifts, but brings back future-second-husband Andy’s (Nick Clifford) herself, then kisses him before she leaves. Lolly goes over to Sean’s place to pick up Becca’s stuff and finds a devastated ex-groom. Becca meets the guy from 2015 who uttered the Buddhist proverb before she time traveled, but he seems to have no idea what’s happening. Sean pursues Becca one more time, asking for a second shot.

It’s so hilarious how Becca tries to explain to Lolly what an iPhone is and how everyone in the future can watch anything they want in the world on their phones. And she be, like, WHEEERREE??? HAHAHAHA. It’s easy for her to imagine flying cars but not the technology we have today. Come to think of it, who really had an idea back then? Even my vision of 2015 back in 1995 couldn’t come close to today’s reality. Anyway, the boss is a motherfucker, I hate him already, but I am so enjoying this show. Maybe it’s because of the premise of being a know-it-all in a period that has already passed. It’s like getting a heads-up and being a perfectionist, which I think is a bit bad. But then again, this is all fictional, right? What’s more interesting to tackle is all those controversies surrounding plots like this, about how one ripple can change the future. But yeah, it’s fun watching her feeling everything would be perfect and then it doesn’t fall into place. It just goes to show that even if there’s a possibility of you controlling things, it just becomes an alternate reality.

Stay (Lisa Loeb)
Fantasy (Mariah Carey)

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