Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hindsight: Episode 4

4. A Very Important Date
Lolly and Becca do a mock interview, before the former makes out with Jamie again, who is getting tired of their secret relationship. Becca eventually finds out, but decides she is cool with it. Lolly begs her to say what really happened in the future, and she admits that when the two break up, Jaime will commit suicide and almost won’t make it. Becca gets several job offers despite the bad economy thanks to her advanced tech skills gained through “17 years of experience”. With Melanie being Simon’s new bitch, Becca gets the chance to flirt with Andy at the Halloween Party. Her night is ruined when Sean arrives and is revealed to be Paige’s (Drew Sidora) new fling. And then Todd, her one-night stand also drops by, making things awkward. Lolly and Jamie go as Beavis and Butthead, but don’t get along well because he got high and paid more attention to his friends. Melanie arrives just in time to see Becca and Andy, and creates a scene ending with Sean punching him in the face. Becca turns down all her job offers and takes her chances with a basement startup company.

HAHAHA, to be asked where do you see yourself in the future when you’ve already been there. And that Friends spoiler! I am getting annoyed with Becca playing a real-life version of The Sims with everyone else just because she knows a lot. If it was me who got back, I’d probably just keep everything to myself and secretly laugh at everyone as they, or I, mess up their lives. HARHARHAR. Anyway, I think this is one of the better episodes because it focuses on the consequences. Such storyline always indulges us by fantasizing about changing the future, but most of them do not really focus on what is currently happening in the past which is now the present timeline. And isn’t that the message? Enjoy THE now? I guess the ending at the rooftop scene summarizes it best when Becca says she “doesn’t know anything anymore” despite all her future knowledge. And Lolly’s response is perfect, on how worrying about everything doesn’t get anything done and you won’t be able to take risks any longer. It’s like some kind of flawed perfectionism. And what a paradox that is, right?

Devil Inside (INXS)
There She Goes (The La's)

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