Sunday, June 8, 2014

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 4/Episode 10

4.10 The Children
Convinced that she can’t control her dragons, Daenerys chains two of them, except Drogon which is still nowhere to be found. Jon Snow negotiates a truce with Mance Rayder when Stannis and his army suddenly attack the encampment. Cersei persuades her father to not marry her to Loras, but he refuses. She then tells him that the incestuous rumors surrounding her and Jaime are true. Jaime leads Tyrion to escape with the help of Varys. Tyrion finds Shae on his father’s bed and strangles her to death, then goes on to kill his father with a crossbow. Bran and company make it to their destination, but are attacked by the undead, resulting in Jojen’s death. They are rescued by the Children and brought to a safe location where he meets the Three-Eyed Raven face to face. Brienne and Podrick encounter Arya and the Hound on the way to the Vale, ending in a fight with her brutally wounding the Hound. He pleads Arya to end his life, but she walks away. She then convinces the captain of a ship sailing to Braavos to take her with him.

Aww, I really love the Lannister brodown moments. Oh well, I guess that’s just a reasonable death toll for a season finale. Tyrion’s whore. Daddy Lannister. Jejon. It’s good to know that some people in King’s Landing are staying true to their real loyalties. It looks like Season 5 will be full of new beginnings. Even Baby Girl Stark is now on her own, and I am really, really excited for her. This is it, girl! You’ll be kicking some serious ass soon! And damn, that was one hell of a fight between Brienne and the Hound. You don’t mess with Brienne of Tarth. You just don’t! As for Queen B, this is yet another episode where she plays the motherhood card, but I think she won’t be needing it anymore soon given how Daddy Lannister is now gone. He’s a jerk alright, but he did cause most of the friction that sets the Lannister family on fire all the time. Now only Queen B and Prince Charming are left in the castle, and Tommen seems like an complete idiot. Sometimes you just can’t help but miss Joffrey Bieber. Boring Season 5 for the Lannisters!

“A disease doesn’t decide to kill you. All the same, you cut it before it does.” –Cersei Lannister

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