Sunday, April 12, 2015

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 5/Episode 1

5.1 The Wars to Come
A young Cersei consults a witch about her future, who correctly predicts almost everything happening to her at the moment. Back in the modern day, she tries to convince Jaime that Tyrion is the enemy. On the other side of the Narrow Sea, their brother, hidden in a crate, arrives safely with Varys, who tells him that he’s part of a group behind a Targaryen restoration initiative. He tries to persuade him to come to Meereen and see for himself if Daenerys would be fit to sit on the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, she faces a new challenge through the Sons of the Harpy, who have been murdering several Unsullied. Stannis asks Jon Snow to negotiate with the Wildlings to fight for him so he can take back Winterfell from Roose now that Tywin is dead. Mance Rayder refuses to bend a knee and is burned alive by Melisandre. Jon Snow shoots him with an arrow to end his suffering. Margaery tells Loras to be more discreet with his flings with Olyvar. He tells her that now that Tywin is dead, no one can force him to marry Cersei anymore.

Woot, woot! Flashback! Now we see that even as a young girl, Queen B has always been a gutsy little bitch. But it’s scary how the witch’s “prophecies” about her are all coming true. It’s not that weird, though. I mean, there are zombies and dragons here, a prophecy coming true is not even that unimaginable. I love how Varys really believes in Tyrion. It’s just that, Westeros does not seem to be a meritocracy. Almost everyone gets their share through connections and clever scheming. The real heroes are left unsung, and those with potential are left with nothing. At least, Varys knows talent when he sees it, and he’s pro-Dragon Mama too, so hooray! And what’s with the barrage of male nudity in this episode? Are they trying to even the score between the sexes? There should have been an update on Baby Girl Stark at least. Did she reach Braavos yet? I really want to see her kick ass.

“Perhaps. And perhaps we've grown so used to horror we assume there's no other way.” –Lord Varys

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