Monday, June 2, 2014

厦大: 汉语课



原来你在北京,现在你在厦门。 为什么?







You are Australian, right?

Yes, I am Australian.

Before you were in Beijing, now you are in Xiamen, Why so?

Because I couldn’t study Mandarin, and then Xiamen’s ?? is relatively better.

In your opinion, what advantage does attending Xiamen University have over working in Beijing?

It’s a bit difficult to say because my life in Xiamen is not similar compared to the time I was in Beijing, but being a teacher compared to being a student has a very big difference, and so here I think my life is more relaxed because I could just study, but in Beijing I work.

But do you think working and attending university at the same time is a better way of learning Mandarin?

You have to see what kind of work because I was an English teacher before, and so most of the time we spoke English, but now I want to just study... If I find a job in a Chinese environment, then better, but during that time there wasn’t.

Thank you.

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