Saturday, June 1, 2013

Miss Ripley: Episode 16

미스 리플리: 제16회
The slime ball from Fukuoka lets Miri go, playing the flute while she lays in a coma on a hospital bed, telling her not to hate playing that instrument because some people love hearing her do so. After recovery and all the obligatory how-could-I-forgive-you-you-abandoned-me-bitch drama between mother and daughter, Miri surrenders to the authorities and confesses all her fraud, acquitting Myeong Hun, who goes back to being a doctor and stays away from all the drama. Miri is sent to prison for a year, which is all it takes for her to forgive her mother. Yu Hyeon’s father decides to send the two to America to make up for lost time. Miri does not go, but instead writes her mother a letter telling her how much she loves her, but she has to find herself first. She then goes back to the convent with Hee Joo. One night while taking a stroll near Cheonggyecheon, Miri and Yu Hyeon find themselves staring at the same billboard flashing a quote saying, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” Their gaze, however, never meet, and they end up treading separate ways.

The episode is a bit melodramatic, and obligatorily so because it is the only episode left to resolve everything. In any case, there seems to be no other ending apt for such turn of events. At least, nobody dies! Miri going to prison is just the right direction to take, otherwise she would not really be able to heal and get back to society without all the unnecessary baggage that has pulled her down thus far. As for reconciliation, only time could really determine that, and if I may say so, this drama is just being realistic. It is good to see how there is  renewal of friendship involved, though, in this case between Miri and Hee Joo. As for the love angle with Yu Hyeon, this is the most convenient ending given how his father is now opposed to their union due to the complicated family connections that each of them now has. This drama is not perfect, and there are so many loopholes, but I maintain my position that the execution is the real head-turner here, from the musical score all the way to the acting! Withdrawal symptoms! :(

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