Sunday, June 5, 2011

Game of Thrones (HBO): Season 1/Episode 8

1.8 The Pointy End
Ned is charged with treason and held prisoner in the dungeon. Arya escapes just as she is about to be captured, while Sansa is left in King’s Landing to be manipulated by Cersei.  The Queen tells her to write to his eldest brother Robb Stark (Richard Madden) demanding that he pledge loyalty to Joffrey. Reunited with his mother who fails to win her sister Lysa’s support, Robb responds with war and brings along 20,000 soldiers with him to march south and face Tywin Lannister’s army. Tyrion, along with tribesmen who ambush him on the way, arrives in his father’s camp just in time for mobilization. Daenerys watches the Dothraki ransack a tribe. She uses her position as Khaleesi to save the women from being raped, a move that causes friction between Khal Drogo and his men. Back in King’s Landing, Tywin and Jaime are declared Hand of the King and Lord Commander of the royal guards, respectively, cementing House Lannister’s hold of the Iron Throne. At the wall, rumors of White Walkers’ return are persistent and gain some credibility as one of two fallen rangers rise from the dead, attacking Jon Snow.

It just feels so unfair for the Winterfell people to suffer such fate. They did not even want to meddle with affairs at King’s Landing to begin with! What tragedy. While Sansa is a bit too teenybopper, her efforts to win her father’s freedom is well appreciated, although perhaps it is best concluded that she is just a kid after all and should not even be subjected to such kind of psychological warfare. Joffrey Bieber continues to be annoying, feeling all kingly and shit when all you see is a spoiled brat with a golden Burger King crown on his head. I would have loved to see him engaged in a catfight with Goldilocks’ brother, if only he lived longer to see the Iron Throne once again. It is relieving to see Catelyn reunite with one of her kids, but still demoralizing knowing that Arya is now AWOL. Anyway, there seems to be no other solution but war, and the northerners seem to be at a disadvantage. It somehow feels odd, because it sends the message that those who choose to be righteous loses. But then again, that’s what happens in the real world one way or another. Perhaps the show is just keeping it real.

“Though I would treasure your friendship, I’m mainly interested in your facility with murder.” –Tyrion Lannister

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