Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Before 30

Off the Macau Tower. On July 22. With a rope. If things go according to plan. This would obviously be documented considering the attention whore that I am.

#02 Play a whole song on the Piano
Either James Horner’s Hymn to the Sea or Danny Tan’s Iisa Pa Lamang. Believe me, this is going to be difficult. Playing the piano is a big frustration of mine.

#03 Dye my hair white
This has been part of every Halloween and New Year’s Resolution but has never come to fruition. Even just for a day will do. Perhaps spray paint is the answer.

My most successful to date has 3,000. I really can’t do anything about this but wait. Or perhaps a Tagalog cover of Rebecca Black’s Friday with matching dance?

#05 Do a back flip and/or a back handspring
This has been on my bucket list ever since I saw Blue Ranger and Pink Ranger escape from Rita Repulsa’s orcs by doing this instead of just running away.

#06 Stay for at least one year in the same company
Done. But still I would like to include this since it has been a great challenge, especially for a person like me who just adores company-hopping.

#07 See an Aurora Borealis, LIVE
This means going to Norway, Sweden, or Canada; spending money to get there, and getting a visa. Perk? Could do in tandem with #23. Buy 1 Take 1.

One of my lifelong dreams. One month will do. I thought this would finally happen in August. Change of plans. Would still pursue this some day for sure.

#09 Sing a Broadway Showstopper
I only have two songs on my bucket list and either one will do: One Song Glory (Rent) or Why God Why (Miss Saigon). I’ve already tried the latter, LOL. Shit.

#10 Do a Tantrum
No, not that one. I meant a back or a front flip on a ramp while wakeboarding. Ambitious much? Hey, a guy can dream. I do have four years and a half!

#11 Watch all of Meryl Streep's movies
I lost in a game show because of Meryl Streep, and I’m glad I did because I got introduced to her awesome body of work. Terrific actress. 40+ movies.

#12 Have 1,000,000 in the bank
Take note that I DID NOT specify a currency.

I’d love to see Egypt’s pyramids or Peru’s Macchu Picchu but I think I would have to settle for Borobudur and Angkor Wat, which are just as awesome! October.

I already did but I only saw the whale shark for five seconds before I almost drowned. Not satisfied. Will do it again. Perhaps with unfriendly sharks.

#15 Push weight up to 130
Managed to push it to 115 last year. Now I think I’m back at 105. The problem could be summarized in two letters: ME. And my pronounced hatred of food.

#16 Ride 30 different Roller Coasters
I’m still chasing my childhood at age 25. I know, right. Effin’ Quarterlife Crisis. A theme park for me is like a Harry Potter book, such perfect venues for escapism!

#17 Acquire a genuine Aussie accent
I want one. Right now! I downloaded a program to help adjust my accent but I haven’t started just yet. Perhaps a channel in cable could also help. In progress.

#18 Write a screenplay for a TV series or a movie
I would have gone as far as “Write a novel” but hey, that’s difficult! Maybe in the 40 Before 40 list, ok? I just have to commit one of the stories in my head to paper.

#19 Volunteer for a cause

#20 Successfully duplicate my mother’s Beef Steak
My all-time favorite dish ever! I have to learn how to cook this so I won’t have to wait for her to visit just so my taste buds could experience this on a regular basis.

#21 Dance to a full K-Pop song
I’ve already proven a thousand times that I can’t dance to save my life. And now, this. 4 1/2 years to transition from Meralco lamp post to dancer. Yey!

Will be accomplished by October if not for East Timor. So expensive the Bali – Dili – Bali plane tickets! East Timor and #22 will have to wait.

A dream of every kid living in the tropics, or maybe it’s just me.

#24 Have ABS – Haha. Hahaha. Hahahaha.

#25 Do a one-foot spin
I CAN do a one-foot spin, which almost always ends with either my ass or my face on the ice. I want to be able to do a fast one, not traveling, with a perfect exit.

#26 Jump off a plane
If I could jump off a building, why not off a plane? I think there is one somewhere in Pampanga. And another one in Cebu. Will investigate further.

#27 Get another degree
Tall order. Typical MA degree takes 2 years to finish. Same thing with another BA. I’d like to have another one in English or Creative Writing. Or Linguistics.

I already did so 4 years ago so this is like cheating, but what the heck! That was a tough road leading to the jackpot round. And then John Travolta came along.

#29 Get my own place or own ride
With all the expenses for the other items on the list I doubt if this would even come true at 30. Perhaps a loan would do. I did say GET, not OWN. Steal? LOL.

#30 Visit ALL the provinces of the Philippines
There are 79. I’ve only been to 14 but not all are documented. 65 to go! Visit at least one place is enough. Visit every town is just unfeasible.

8 creature(s) gave a damn:

vin said...

good luck in this endeavor. i'm sure you'll have a great time fulfilling these goals :)

Anonymous said...

#8 => Same here! I want to study Mandarin in Peking University, Thai in Mahidol, or Bahasa Indonesia in Universitas Indonesia.

#22 => This is one of my goals as well. I'd love to visit each and every Southeast Asian country. So far, I've only been to Indonesia. Technically, I've been to Singapore but that doesn't count since it was just a stopover.

Cool goals! Good luck. I hope you reach them. :)

ihcahieh said...

Salamat VIN, kailangan ko talaga ng good luck kasi ang haggard ng ibang nasa listahan, hehe.

Hi JASE, pareho tayo ng pangarap, sa Europe nga lang ang akin. Mahal e, sana nag Linggwistiks or EL na lang ako sa UP imbes na PolSci para madali dali siguro makakuha ng scholarship!

Unknown said...

nice blog!

ihcahieh said...

Why thank you, Krizia Leones.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Hope I can visit all Southeast Asian countries as well. It has been a while since I last dropped by your blog. I also read your posts about your Mandarin study in China. 太棒了!

Mariane Ballesteros said...

Why do you hate food??????!!!! Congratulations on completing all the S.E countries! Ikaw na!!!

ihcahieh said...

@Jase - Hoy ang tagal mo nawala a, busy much? Good to know you are blogging again. Kamusta Asian languages mo?

@Mariane - Hindi ko rin alam e, baka pihikan lang din talaga. I wish I loved food, maybe it would help me gain a better appreciation of the places I visit if my stomach was that adventurous. Haha. :)

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